Broccoli Microgreen Updates 🍃


I thought I should update you on the Microgreens progress!

Here's what they looked like after 3 days of blackout (meaning the box is covered. This is to encourage the seedlings to grow taller.)

Looks kind of gross at the start aye? Haha! Looks like taugay!

The white things are not fungus, they're lil hairy roots! Haha. 

Looking fresh and green! This was only half of my seed pack. 

I started to add them into my banana smoothies...

On my eggs...

On my leftover pizza...

With my croissants...

Microgreens are a great way for me to incorporate some vegetables in my diet! Adding them into smoothies is such a cheat way to up my daily intake of veggies. Not to mention, they are also super cute. With the (sustainable) coco husk as the base, it's also less messy as compared to planting with soil! Loving it. Never thought they would be such a joy to have around.

If you're keen you can check out the UrbanSproutz website! I'm not sponsored, so no affiliate link lol. Enjoy!