Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant

Hey lovely people!

Are you up for some Nonya cuisine? 

Here's a photo walk-through of my visit to Chilli Padi at Joo Chiat.

Kueh Pie Tee ($10.80)
Warm shredded turnip, big prawn and bursting flavour in a cute cup. 

A close up! I love it~  

The food was served really quickly. Here's the Beef Rendang (Medium $22.80)

The beef rendang was fragrant but my folks like it more spicy. 

Tahu Goreng $8.80

Next up. BBQ Sotong (Medium $19.80)

This was super good!

Udang Assam Pedas (Medium ,$21.80) 

Unfortunately, petai (臭豆 in Chinese) was out so we had the assam version of prawns instead. Prawns were thick, juicy and fresh! The assam comes with vegetables like lady fingers, tomatoes and brinjals. 
Lastly, the Pork Rib Buah Keluak! (Medium, $22.80)

Alright, so this is my first time having the famed nut. It's poisonous when it's raw, but after the nut has been fermented and cooked, you can eat it! 

I heard that it has a rather strong unique flavour that can be rather divisive, so I was apprehensive.

Well! How did it go? The pork ribs were tender and the sauce was alright.
Now, for the nut... there were 3-4 nuts and you are given small picks to get the flesh out. 

I found that the nut had a very strong alcoholic taste? Not really into it HAHA but worth a try!

What about you? How do you feel about Buah Keluak?

Mee Siam Goreng and Dry Laksa looked interesting, but we're gonna save that for next time! Sadly, wee were too full for dessert so we skipped the Pulut Hitam and Durian Chendol.

We used Burpple Beyond for the mains and the bill came up to $77.90 for five people.

Here's the address if you're interested.

Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant
11 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427744

Till next time,

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