Food Log - Eating Clean for a Week

April 18, 2021

After watching this video from TSL where Brenda, Fauzi and Amanda ate like Sew (the pickiest eater in the office), I decided to eat clean for a week. Lol. Why??? Because reverse psychology works and also sometimes I eat like Sew, albeit with more vegetables and fruits. 

So this is LITERALLY a food log with my thoughts. Click away if not interested lol.

THE GOAL: Eat Clean = Eat less processed food like my favourite Calbee chips, cookies, ice cream, chocolate and instant noodles. I also try to avoid red meat, bad carbs, whenever possible and replace with fruits and vegetables. The goal is to shed some weight and also be healthier.



2 sunny side eggs, a banana and half a cup of coffee.


Home cooked turnip cake 

Tea Time

Had a mango.

My family had brown rice for dinner since I told them about my diet plan. We also had tomato eggs, fish and a vegetables. Had some guava too.



Two sunny side eggs and a banana again. Half a cup of coffee.


I swam 16 laps in the morning so I was starving. 

Tried out a meal in a grain bowl style! Had 2 servings of shanghai greens, cherry tomatoes, pan-fried tofu with oyster sauce, and one IKEA chicken sausage. Didn't wanna eat meat but this was already opened so I was just helping to clear out the fridge. 

Tea Time

Cookies are screaming 'EAT ME!' but I manage to ignore them. Ate a mango instead.


Ate Thai Tom Yum Bee Hoon Soup with cherry tomatoes and fishballs. It's instant but I'm not going to eat brown rice AGAIN!! Suffered at night when my sister brought home leftover fries. Didn't touch them though. I decide I need to have a cheat day and eat some cake. Maybe on Sunday.

Had a packet drink (Yuzu Honey Lemon) which was given to me at work. 



I was really hungry the previous night and ended up looking for some breakfast inspiration online. The oats bowls looked really good and since I didn't want to have eggs for the third day running, I went for it! I cooked the quick rolled oats in boiling water, then added milk and honey before topping with some banana and peanut butter (a treat).

Also finished my coffee from the day before. Ice cold love. 

I know my coffee is bad for me (SUPER hazelnut white coffee, 159 kcal per serving), but I never did say this challenge was about reducing sugar, right? Muahaha.


My dad came through and returned from the market with mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes and more firm tofu. I start to prepare them for lunch! Decided to season the potatoes in my usual oil + black pepper + red flakes combo, and try a 'General Tso' style for the cauliflower.

It was kind of a fail but the cauliflower was crunchy at least! Also washed this down with coconut juice.

Tea Time

Two curry puffs (given at work, impolite to decline)


Chicken Soup


Smashed avocado, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, toasted Gardenia wrap
Spinach banana frozen smoothie

Chicken Soup
Brown Rice


Made a mushroom omelette and added some salad leaves and cherry tomatoes. Added the wrap and 4 mexican drumlets (processed, but give chance pls.)

Supper (Oops)
Half a Hoshino Pancake my mum brought home
3 Oreos



Oats with milk and honey, apple
Spinach banana frozen smoothie

Tofu pancake (with spring onions, carrots and garlic)
Boiled Spinach
Toasted Wrap
Two sugar crackers

Mee Goreng
A bit of lemon meringue cake and mango coconut cake
(After 5 straight days of clean eating, you can see that the plan falling apart. )


I was still very bloated and full from the previous night's dinner...
Packet Peach Tea (Given, 90kcal)

Chicken Soup with brown rice

Tokyo Sundubu (5 Veg) 
White rice
Hollin caramel tea latte


Toasted ciabatta

Thai boat noodles
Thai fish cake
Vegetable spring rolls
Thai milk tea (it was all in a set)

Tea Time
Houjicha Swiss Roll (Given, shared)

Tze char - har cheong kai, hor fun, vegetables, tofu.


As you can tell, the weekends became cheat days because I share meals with my family and friends. I do try to eat more vegetables (by choosing the veggie sundubu instead of beef or pork) though! 

I have never eaten so much tofu in a week. I don't think I have eaten so many vegetables and fruits in a week on my own accord either... wow! Haha. It wasn't too bad though! Just that it's way more time consuming to prepare healthy, fresh meals, but I suppose meal prep would help a lot? 

  • Managed to keep instant meals to a minimum (thai tom yum mifen and mexican drumlets)
  • Managed to steer clear of the Calbee potato chips and chocolates at home even though someone opened it!!!
  • Ignored truffle fries that was brought home
  • Did not finish eating the cake so I guess some calories were saved.
  • I also ran three times, swam and cycled. 

Would I do this again? Yeah, it's business as usual for me for tomorrow. I guess eating 5/7 days of a heavy veggie/tofu/fruit diet is a win nonetheless.


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