comics + art filled days

What's up peeps?

I borrowed a bunch of books from NLB! Couldn't resist and went home with a haul of 14 books. It was not fun wrestling large, thick volumes with an umbrella that was threatening to fly away with the crazy wind. Apart from my usual fiction and non-fiction reads, I borrowed lots of comic/art books this time!

 Here's a comic from a Singaporean artist, Drewscape about his life as a first-time dad.

This is his record of life with baby Ollie. He mentions that he was missing out on recording many moments as he 'tried too hard to make a funny and great comic'.  Eventually, he told himself to focus on telling the stories before he forgot them and thus, this comic diary was born. It's a lovely collection of small precious moments as Ollie grows up. I'd imagine she'll have fun reading this when she grows up!

I enjoyed these full pages of baby adventures! 

I also love how her cheeks are portrayed - such soft and gentle strokes! So cuuute. 

Checked out these two board books of art greats Andy Warhol and Salvatore Dali as I wanted to learn more about them. 

Dali seemed to be quite an eccentric and dramatic man. The book calls him a 'Child King' who is used to getting his way. He's born in Spain. 

Lobster phone, one of the surrealist objects he made.

The illustrations by Andrew Rae are stunning. This picture spread tells of one of the crazy parties thrown for Dali and his wife Gala. Music was played from a meat carcass, and guests were given a sausage upon entry. They were told to dress as their dreams. 

This page tells us about Dali's wife, Gala. "Dali describes sitting in his car, watching Gala change a tyre in the pouring rain." He admits that he is a swine. Interesting relationship dynamics???

Delved into the life of Andy Warhol next.

He seems less off putting than Dali, though he also partied with the big and famous. 

He was also described as a hoarder, collecting plenty of things that filled his home.

I liked this idea of a Time Capsule to capture the times. Perhaps I should start my own. Art books are really fun for me and inspire me to do something creative, no matter how tiny the project, in my life. 

We visited the National Gallery too! Enjoyed this Wu Guan Zhong exhibition.

Some of his student's works! I love how lively the brushstrokes are. 

The 'flatness' and perspectives are so fun. My favourites are from Li Zheng Ming

He also held an interesting take on art education - that it should be tailored to each student. Cool guy.

We went to the Georgette Chen exhibition as well. I love how she signs off as C H E N in block letters. At first I thought they were numbers. Haha. 

We also spied lots of bold fashion choices at the museum - thigh high dresses, neon scarf top, plenty of kick-ass boots and a lady in a mint green pantsuit. Digging it. 

Till next time! I'm going to try making some stuff.