Rainbow Calbee 🌈

Hello my friends!

Welcome back to the blog.

Recently I went food shopping after work and found lots of interesting snacks.

Case in point:

'Magic Pretz' $2

I'm guessing that if you eat it with another Pretz flavour, you get treated to a different flavour combo.  Pretty cool but since they didn't sell the other flavours in single packs, I skipped this. (Also I feel like this Magic Pretz would just have a creamy wheat flavour.)

Another thing I spotted...cheese curd bars.

I didn't know this was a thing!

What really caught my eye was this packet of Rainbow Calbee chips!

It was $3 and looked cool so it went home with me.

I was really hyped up about this! It seemed to boast 7 flavours. 

Opening the bag,... I felt a little miffed after buying into this whole 'rainbow' concept. As pictured: crab, clam, fish, squid, shrimp, seaweed, mushrooms as ingredients.

But I can't complain, they showed the product clearly on the front. No actual rainbow colours.

I naively thought that there would maybe be 7 different types of chips?  Lol. (This is my fault because I tend to eat these colourful senbei snacks from Muji and they're multi flavoured and multi coloured.)

Oh well. Let's take a bite.

Two things stood out.

1. The chips were not crispy. (Manufactured May 2021, Best before Nov 2021)

2. The chips tasted... normal. The closest comparison would be the Calbee Seaweed flavour. There isn't any significant or unique umami despite the ingredients they used. Meh.

What can I say... I tasted disappointment that day.


Also, where is the 'Rainbow' that was the USP?

Turns out it's here:

My sister says it means something like 'taste the rainbow'.


Well, this was clearly a case of hype from packaging material for me as I can't read Korean. Very disappointed as I'm a big fan of Calbee! Guess I should have Googled first before purchasing?!?!?!

*Since the chips were not crispy, I ended up mixing them up with white rice because I have been seeing people mix potato chips as flavouring for their rice or noodles. It was...fine. 

Till next time,