The Public Izakaya


This was our first fam dinner out to celebrate my sister's birthday!

We visited The Public Izakaya at 100am. You may have walked past it before - they have a large outdoor seating near the entrance of 100am.

Izakaya in Japanese basically means a place where you can stay and drink. In Japan, they seemed kind of intimidating to me (especially the smaller ones with regulars), but in Singapore it's more like a dining establishment to me. Lol.

There are TONS of things on the menu (without pictures, lol. Maybe refer online if you need them).

Are you ready? Here we go!

Oden - six types : so warm and comforting especially since it was raining that night. The soup was sweet but rich! 

Fried shrimp - very salty, great if you are having beer.

Mentaiko tamago! 


Baked crab gratin with lil bits of macaroni inside. Sweet and creamy. 

Grilled squid yaaaas. We asked for some lemon to go with this. 

Negitoro don!

We ordered this real early on but it only came in the end so we were really stuffed. 
These Tori Karaage were HUGE! Like the size of a tennis ball each. Fun though! 

Mini Okonomiyaki and Buta Kakuni, a very tender simmered pork that we called dong po' meat haha. 

Anddddd yes that's all. So stuffed. Will be back to try some of their other dishes. 

One friendly waitress lady really made our dining experience great - she was helpful, attentive and gave us tips, explanations about the food and recommendations too. V.S. some of the other staff who forgot or did not fulfil our requests. They seemed to be short-handed that day but her attitude  and customer service really impressed us! 

The tableware was also cute, with wooden bowls and pretty cups too. Really added some ambience points. Plenty of families, groups and couples hanging out here~

The Public Izakaya
100 Tras St
Singapore 079027