Tigerlily Patisserie 🌿

Hi friends! 

I'm gonna take you on a little virtual trip to Tigerlily Patisserie today.

First, join the queue and check in via a wooden QR code sign! Very atas. 


Some sweet pastries for starters!

The Kouign Amann is sweet and lovely. It's nutty and all kinds of wonderful. 

The Pain au chocolat is crispy and flaky and certainly did not disappoint. I enjoyed the way they folded it, resulting in beautiful grooves more like a croissant rather than the usual slab of 'pie' format.

Now let's have some breakfast.

You can pick your side, and also the type of bread you prefer (ciabatta, sourdough etc).

Now let's welcome the stars of the show!  

The Beehive ($11) 🍯

Yes, it is pricey but we decided to go for it since we're here. These were the popular picks - the 3 people in the queue before us ordered the exact combo too, probably because these two cakes look the most intriguing and delicious. 

And it was a delightful experience indeed! This dessert was not afraid to go big on the sour tartness and balance it with a light, sweet and airy cream. It was also fun to find the 'treasure' of a ball of honey jelly inside. 9/10, very refreshing and good for sharing. 

Next, the Pistachio Marimo! ($10)

I used to own real marimo balls because they are so CUUUUTE! I had two small ones (boba size) in a bottle, and a large one I got from an aquarium shop. I can't resist these cuties!

Now you guys know I loooooove nutty flavours like pistachio and houjicha, so this is super delicious to me! On top of the frangipane (almond cream) and praline, this is 100% nutty flavour heaven. 

You can eat it all yourself and not share it. Haha. 

We had a fun time! The interior design of the cafe was modern with bold stylish accents and many arches. However, even on a Thursday morning, the cafe filled up really quick with a queue outside, and items were getting sold out real quick as customers picked up big boxes of desserts. Beware and go early!!! 

Big thanks to my friend wenxin for getting me out of the house (for leisure and not for work...) - I can't remember the last time I went out and took so many photos. Haha XD

Tigerlily Patisserie
350 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427598

There are lots of quirky shops and plenty of pretty shophouses and walls to check out in the area, if you like! Have fun!
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