Checking out Vietnamese BBQ!


We checked out a Vietnamese restaurant at Geylang (5 minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT). It's right next to Rochor Beancurd.

There's actually another Vietnamese restaurant maybe like a few shops down... but this one has Burpple and BBQ SKEWERS!! Now that's not something I see every day.

I really love BBQ things so we had to give this a try.

Here's what the restaurant looks like.

The chairs and tables are all very low, just like in Vietnam! It's actually the perfect height for kiddos, lol. You will sit like a shrimp for the rest of your meal, however. XD

We ordered some skewers to try - one beef, one pork. They're about ~$2++ per skewer. (Sorry, forgot to pay attention to the exact price)

The beef cubes were so-so, veering a little on the tough side. 3/5

HOWEVER, the pork skewer was awesome! They come as smoky charred slices with a strong flavour. Awesomeee! 4/5

Next, we ordered the beef noodle soup because the BF once had some real good spicy beef noodles in Vietnam and have been looking for another bowl since. 

This wasn't exactly what he was looking for, but it was not bad! The spiciness doesn't kick in immediately and I was tempted to add chilli. (Luckily I did not.) It's an okay bowl of noodles but I would skip this next time in favour of trying another dish like the Vietnamese Omelette or 'Fried Phoenix' (fried chicken wings) perhaps.  3.5/5

Now let's get to the star of the show: the bun cha! Bun cha consists of grilled pork slices, pork patty meatballs with rice vermicelli noodles. Usually the broth includes carrots, green papaya and onions. 

The bun cha here is named 'bun cha obama', probably because Obama once went to Vietnam and famously had a bun cha meal in one of the restaurants.

Now how do you eat it? You can dip your noodles along with the broth, or maybe make a wrap!

Ah~~ the grilled meat was so gooood. The meat is all grilled for you and deliver to your table. Not sure if you could grill your own before covid-19? Either way, I prefer this because it's fuss free! 

For some reason I detected some pandan (?) taste in the meatballs haha. Love the texture though!

Not a fan of taugey so we left that alone. The basil on the other hand adds another great layer to the dish. Dig it!!! 

Our bill came up to $18.15 in total thanks to the 1-for-1 deal! They do not accept credit cards, but PayLah, cash etc is fine. 

On a Friday night, the restaurant was filled with two other tables of merry uncles hanging out with lots of beer. More people started to enter as we left. 

The owner was also very amiable and easy-going~!

We had fun and when the craving for BBQ skewers comes around again, I'll know where to go!

 123 ZÔ Vietnamese BBQ
Skewers and Hotpot
747 Geylang Road
Singapore 389654

P.S. we also checked out an ice cream shop right next to the restaurant after dinner. It's called 'Monday Blues' and feature a cotton candy ice cream waffle set. The flavours looked kind of boring and run of the mill so we left. Oops.