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February 20, 2022

Hey guys!

How did your week go? Mine turned out pretty good!

Art 🎨

I made a new looping gif applying the one point perspective method I learnt recently.

Colours are still tricky for me, but adding all these details and animated loops were fun - especially making the shooting stars! I guess picking up fundamental basic animation ideas since young really helps...

I also added music to this loop and you can check it out on my IG if you would like to hear it. I was going for a lo-fi kitchen vibe. Haha.

P.S. If you look really closely, you can see some familiar faces in this artwork - including a visitor at a corner....

I also started a new notebook to make some nature studies - leaves, flowers, trees and eventually landscapes.

Still not very good at shading but it's good to learn how to draw petals and leaves.

Food 🍲

I also had 4 big meals this week - it was really nice to dine outside with friends and family! I had Korean twice, Western, as well as an Italian meal. Super full and satisfied! 

Korean meals are so intense! With banchan, rich soups and rice, meals can be really filling (but satisfying. How do people stay slim? Haha. 

Met my friends for lunch and we had a really great meal from Gustavo Lapasta by Garibaldi. Having meals with friends usually mean we all get to sample food and enjoy more variety~!

To wrap up the week, I have been craving muffins so we baked some blueberry ones. I wanted to use up the butter from my previous baking project but in the end the recipe we chose only needed oil. Lmao. We cut the sugar by more than half to be more healthy XD That may have affected the texture though! I hope to make a muffin that is even more moist next time.

Movie 🎬

We also caught a 3h + movie.... and despite its long duration, the movie was really entertaining! It was so intense in the last hour.

Wanna guess what it is? Here are some clues.

  • "I rather be his whore than your wife!" Karrr-pui!
  • It's a 1997 movie directed by James Cameron.
  • "Draw me like one of your French girls."






Did you get it right? It's Titanic!

I've seen memes and short clips of this enduring (and endearing) movie throughout my entire life, but have never attempted to watch the whole thing. I'm glad I did! 

Cinematic magic, even though the movie is already 25 years old. Amazing! Hats off to anyone who deigns to undertake such huge ambitious projects. Dedication at its finest!

The funny thing is that we watched this after watching a Mothership video of cruise life on the Royal Caribbean. Having second thoughts about going on a cruise trip now...

YouTube 📺

I also watched the latest upload from the University Challenge! That's the quiz with Singapore Max Zeng! The quiz is challenging indeed! The questions are so obscure and specific. I guess it helps if you have esoteric interests? A team should also have breadth though! Other than maths, science, history and geography, you also have to tackle categories like music, art, culture and literature too.

For example, in the music section, a part of a piece is played and you are asked to identify the composer.

For art, you are shown pieces of art and asked to identify the artists. Sometimes they just give you the names of the pieces and maybe the year produced. From this you have to answer (or make an educated guess). Amazing~

They even show you a photo of a musician from decades ago and ask you to identify her, and the other musicians on stage.  

(It's Nina Simone.)

There are also science anagrams etc. You really have to have a well rounded team!

Did I understand everything? Nope. But it's fun to watch and I believe it makes me feel smarter. Sometimes I feel like my braincells are dying especially when I watch some nonsense TikToks by chance. It's terrifying because the videos just go on endlessly and before you know it, you already spent maybe 15 minutes watching someone attempt the 'eye colour challenge'. 

The video says :'this app helps you choose your eye colour', when in reality the user can actually preset the colour they like in the effect. The audience doesn't know that unless they try the effect themselves. Sigh. The power of suspense and curiosity... not always a good pay off. 

Gotta go now, see you guys soon! I hope you have a fulfilling week ahead!



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