how I spent my CNY 🧟

Hello friends!

How has your February been so far? Hope Lunar New Year was fun for you. I thought it would be a great opportunity to rest up and be productive but I was clearly wrong.  I did a little visiting but ended up spending a lot of time on entertainment.

What I read (Fiction):

I am enamoured with Neal Shusterman's books! After completing the Unwind series, I hopped onto the trilogy 'Scythe'. (Sorry it's such an inauspicious thing to read during CNY?)

What's it about:

Imagine a world without natural death. Human society is run by an all powerful but benign AI called the Thunderhead. Nanites in your body heal you instantly and you are basically immortal. To maintain death, a group of selected humans called Scythes (pronounced psy-the, not sith) glean people in place of natural death. Some scythes glean randomly, others do research before choosing. Some act with compassion, some revel in killing, ignoring the rules of the Scythedom. 

Rowan and Citra are selected to be apprentices of Scythe Faraday, a respected Scythe. Their lives change forever. 

I actually like this series much more than Unwind! The world building is great and the premise is interesting. The series has been picked up by Universal and will hopefully make it to the big screens. 

What I read (Non-Fiction):

My friend Eli told me she was reading a book called Give and Take so I decided to borrow it too. I think they should rename the book to "Be a Giver". So far the book mainly tries to persuade you with case studies that being a Giver is better than being a Taker, despite it sounding counter-intuitive. 

What I watched:

(Gif from kbizoom)

Over CNY I watched All of Us are Dead, Netflix's latest Korean zombie series. The first few episodes were so gripping. After watching the series I conclude that zombies are not scary - human cruelty is far worse.

The bullying scene is entrenched in my mind and I shudder to think about real bullying cases that are unreported, brushed under the carpet, or unresolved. I hope the situation improves...

Park Solomon's favourite scene. Haha!

I also tried to watch Lamb, a 2021 folk horror film where a couple finds a lamb-human baby in their sheep farm and raises it. The movie is very atmospheric with little conversation. Ultra creepy and suspenseful. I didn't finish watching it but we already read the plot because I was scared. Haha. 

Other stuff I watched:

  • Encanto (We don't talk about bruno-no-no-no)

  • I want to eat your pancreas (anime + live action)
    Why is this anime so sad? Savage ending.

  • AOT Season 4 Pt.2
    Guess who spent most of the anime searching for a plot recap? Yes, that's me. I can't remember what happened.

What I ate:

I sampled so many CNY snacks and goodies that I keep wondering if I should Vlog XD I used the half strategy so I actually lost weight during this testing period.

What's the half strategy you say? Eat half and give the other to my BF. Haha.

I also tried my hand at making Jenny cookies using Buttermilk Pantry's recipe! It's my first time buying canned butter. 

I didn't manage to pipe out my cookies cuz my piping tip was too small, but nonetheless they taste fine! I also thought that the cookies would spread so I made silly star indents in the coffee cookies. Well, now that I know that the cookie dough can hold shape, I'll definitely do a better job next time!

Well that's all for today! There has been a huge rise in Covid cases recently, and I'm torn between paranoia and resignation - should we just accept this as the start of a truly endemic situation?