Blu Kouzina (Siglap)

Hey friends!

Wow, I haven't done a food post in the longest time. I apologise. 

Today I'm going to be blogging about our trip to Blu Kozina for Greek food! We went to the Siglap branch. There's also another at Dempsey Hill.

It's actually my first time trying Greek food! By coincidence I just finished reading a novel about a culinary competition (and some romance) called 'You Had Me at Halloumi", so I was really hyped to try some Greek cuisine!

The interior was really pretty with traditional Greek accents and little 'caves' for seating and decor. There was wall to ceiling sliding doors which brought in a lot of light and accentuated the iconic white and blue aesthetic that people associate the Greek islands with. 

I also enjoyed all the fish motifs! 

Here is the dinner menu. 

Yeah, things are kinda pricey but it was a special occasion for us so we hoped that the splurge would be worthwhile.

First up, 3 Dips Platter ($39.50) and Grilled Pita ($4.60). There is a variety of dips to choose from, and two types of pita (crispy or soft/grilled).

We chose the soft grilled pitas (4pcs), which were warm and delicious. The dip portion is large - we ended up having to dabao some home!

(from top to bottom)
1. Harissa (Spicy tomato, greek yogurt and walnuts) - pretty spicy with a good kick!
2. Taramasalata (white cod roe and capers) - our favourite. A little bit salty - cod roe is like mentaiko for those who are unfamiliar with it
3. Tzatiziki (greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and EVOO) - the most neutral tasting out of the three, a good start for beginners to Greek cuisine

*EVOO = extra virgin olive oil

Next was Talagani ($21.50), or grilled Halloumi cheese with blu sauce. This is my second time trying Halloumi! We bought some in Switzerland and my sister calls it the 'squeaky cheese', because it truly squeaks when you munch on it 


The Halloumi has a very delectable, softer texture. The sauce was a little tangy and was served with honey/something sweet (correct me if I'm wrong). Yum!

BTW, according to the book, ancient Greeks took their cheeses very seriously and were even the first to invent cheesecake. 

Fried Calamari ($26.50)
It's refreshing to have whole pieces of squid! While tasty, we found this a little oily.

Beef Kalamaki ($27.50)
This is a beef skewer that is so much larger than I expected. I thought it would be served kebab style with a literal stick and in bite sized pieces. We ordered it Medium Rare and this was pretty delicious! Don't forget to enjoy it with the lemon, yogurt dip and onion!

Xtapodi ($41.50) - Grilled Octopus that is served with vinegar and EVOO. 
(I can't pronounce this but the word looks and sounds cool)

The octopus pieces came in huge, tender chunks. They are softer than what I expected and 'wetter' than i thought too. I think I'm very much used to a 'drier' version of Grilled Octopus (maybe Japanese style). Still, it was lightly flavoured which let the freshness of the octopus shine through. 

We saw someone order this so we followed suit because it looked fun. These are the Koulouri Sesame Bread Rings ($4.60). 

It was really fragrant and soft! It looks like a pretzel but is soft enough to tear easily. We ended up getting another serving (2pcs) of this instead of more pita bread to enjoy with our dips.

Now, to end off our night, I chose the Greek Kataifi Roll ($15.80), a dessert with homemade syrup and pistachio. I thought this would come in a piece or slice but it one serving turned out to have four pieces!

This dessert was really sweet. The little strips are crunchy and presumably fried. The chopped pistachio centres was interesting but the syrup was way too sweet and the bottom of the dessert was utterly drenched in it. Found it hard to stomach after the heavy meal, lol. Ancient Greeks do be living it up. 

From what I read in the novel, Greek people prefer lamb over pork too. I also saw another family digging into a $100 seafood platter. That looked scrumptious so maybe you would be interested to order it!

Also, if you have keen eyes, you will see that they also served us some watermelon and ice cream! I think every diner receives this at the end of the meal for free. There's also a bowl of mints at the door. 

They also surprised us with a birthday cupcake and a song. Aww!!

The de-candled cupcake which will be my breakfast. Hehe. 

Also I saw some interesting drinks on the menu:

Nescafe powder from Greece? 


 The Freddoccino sounds real good, doesn't it?

Well, that concludes our visit to Blu Kouzina! It was pleasant indeed! They have quite a lot of seating but if you book through Chope, you can enjoy some vouchers~

Final notes: Beautiful place to have Greek cuisine. It doesn't have a friendly price tag (because most of the ingredients are air-flown from Greece) and the menu is kind of unhelpful because it has zero pictures, but the service and food are pretty good! The ambience is super fun and lovely too. 

Blu Kouzina (Siglap)
907 East Coast Rd
Singapore 459107

Have you tried Greek food? What is your favourite that we should try? Leave a comment to share! 



  1. nice!! i miss blu kouzina. my fav was the octopus