Coffee Soda

In recent reels or videos, the trend is to use an espresso machine and tonic water to make Espresso Soda.

I don't own an espresso machine so I just made my own Nescafe! Also I bought Schweppes soda water instead of tonic water 


So...I suppose a better name for what I tried would be Coffee Soda, rather than Espresso Soda. 


That probably suits me too because I try not to be over-caffeinated. 

You just need ice, soda/tonic water and coffee/espresso!

As expected, it tastes like a fizzy Americano, Perhaps the bitterness in tonic water would bring out a more interesting taste? Guess i'm doing it wrong, LOL.

Just for fun, I also experimented this with a little dash of milk. The result is kind of like Calpis, but coffee flavoured! Interesting. 

Just a short post today to report on my small experiment! I love making fun drinks. 

Stuff I tried:
  • matcha latte
  • hojicha latte
  • hojicha x yuzu tea (this was yum.)
  • sprite x green tea x passionfruit variants
  • hot honey fruit tea (apple, orange, lime)
  • Orange Julius (kept watching them drink them in Stranger Things)
  • mango boba from scratch
  • homemade coffee jelly and milk
  • homemade red tea jelly and iced tea
  • dalgona (of course...)
  • if I recall correctly, we also tried to make a Sweet Potato Latte a la Korean style.
Other things I tried (and failed) so far would be to make a salty milk foam like how they make foam for bubble tea or macchiatos. My foam turned out a little floppy. 


Do you have any new recipes for me to try? :)