Green Tea Sprite


This Green Tea Sprite recipe has been making its rounds on TikTok and the rest of the internet platforms. 

It looks easy and fun to drink, so let's have a go!

The basic ingredients are:

1. Sprite

2. Green tea sachet

The idea is to let the green tea sachet infuse the Sprite. Just let it sit in the fridge so you can enjoy a cold drink. The video uses a bottled sprite but I only have the canned one. 

Other variations include adding lemon slices and also passionfruit. 

I had problems trying to find fresh passionfruit from the supermarket. Not every fruit shop carries it too, so I had to forgo that.  

Anyway, I always considered Sprite as the soda that plays second fiddle to coke. It's nice that it has its moment in the limelight too! It being J-Hope's favourite drink doesn't hurt either 😜

Another trending drink now is the Espresso Soda. Yes, it means coffee and soda. Have you tried it?!



Update: We found passionfruit!

They're sold at about $2 for 5 in a tray at Giant!

 They smell soooo good. Also, they're the easiest fruit to work with - just scoop!

Used whatever green tea we had at home this time. The sprite is still clear in this picture because I made a new bottle to sit in the fridge. The sprite should look green!

Like this!

Taste test: It was fun to drink indeed! Fizzy, slightly sweet and refreshing thanks to the tartness of the passionfruit. 

Alternative for sweet tooths - use passionfruit with Korean Citron tea. You can enjoy it hot or cold. Passionfruit makes the tea smell so delicious, and works so much better than just plain ol' lemon, lime, orange slices or even apples.


  1. wowow i haven't tried any of these. expecting it to be refreshing drink for our weather. or maybe an espresso martini for a night out ;)

    1. Haha! Yes, I think espresso martini sounds energising yet perfect for starting some party vibes~