I should have done this a long time ago...

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Hey guys!

It's nearly the end of the year and as things wind down, I took the time to review what I've accomplished so far.

I had a couple of goals this year, and one of them is to complete more online courses.

I bought 3 art courses off the Domestika website and completed 2 so far (Kawaii Illustration and The Art of Sketching). I also enrolled in many courses on NLB's Udemy (like coding) but haven't managed to complete them.

With about ~2 more months till the end of 2022, I decided to rev up the engine and put in more effort! After all, if I can watch 10 hours of Bling Empire, I can definitely spend 10-14 hours on a SEO course. (Also, I kind of want to attend a rich person's lavish party some day. Imagine the crazy door gifts and fancy food!)

So far things have been good! It's not like I have zero idea on SEO so I am able to watch the course at 1.75 speed. My progress is 51/143 sections now! Not bad since I just started two days ago.

Research and preparation is truly king. For best results and optimisation, it is really clever and efficient to do your research. Of course creation is important but it is also important to create meaningful things. Currently my blog and IG blog account are still suffering from what I call 'flip-flop' syndrome, which is basically where I flip flop between topics and lump them all under the category 'lifestyle'.

I just can't seem to help it - I just have so many interests! One day I want to talk about food, and another day I just want to talk about some new anime or snack I discovered. The only common thread is well, me.

I am fully aware however that sticking to a genre or theme would be vastly more efficient. So... I'll try to streamline things as we go along! Over the years I have done less movie reviews and recaps and have done a whole load of food and restaurant reviews. As my interests change over the years I think that the focus of the blog also changes. At least we're flexible, I guess? Haha.

I'm still figuring things out! I think I just need to be brave and commit to just one or two main topics for the blog. 

A revamp is in order!! 

Meanwhile, I hope you guys have been well. Take care and I'll write soon! (Especially if I were to report that I have finished my SEO course. Perhaps after that I'll do more art/illustration courses and also find some courage and motivation to complete my coding course.)