Udemy Seth Godin's Freelancer Course - Review

Course name: Seth Godin's Freelancer Course (Udemy)

Course duration: 5 hours

Summary: Seth Godin's course gives short and snappy advice about freelancing and how to make yourself unique and valuable. Each video is about 2 minutes. Since I watch my courses on 2x speed, I completed the 5h course in 2.5h.

Why I enrolled in this course

I am self-employed and can be considered a freelancer. I have been wanting to expand my horizons a bit and try new ventures so I enrolled in this course for some inspiration and guidance. 

About the course instructor

I have read books by Seth Godin before (Linchpin, The Icarus Deception, Small Is the New Big) and am used to how he dispenses marketing advice (or quotes) in small snippets. 

However, he clearly shines on video! 

On screen, Godin is charismatic and illustrates his points clearly and succinctly. Actually, I think his messages are better conveyed here rather than his books. They feel way more natural and believable.

Real world examples that make you feel inspired

There were plenty of real world examples that also led me to think about similar people in my own country and industry. Previously I have been doing some preliminary but shallow research on successful people I thought I could learn from, but now I can more confidently identify the strategies they use.

I especially like Section 9: Reputation, where he shares examples of a seaweed harvester, a testimonial book and also other examples of how people differentiated themselves by literally daring to be different.

Seth Godin makes things sound so straightforward and simple. It makes you want to jump up and apply what you have learnt at that very instant. If I were a clogged drain, I feel like I have been unclogged and ideas flow freely in me now. All it takes is a little cleanse. 🤣

I love the age of online courses

Once again, gotta thank Singapore's National Library Board for offering us a free Udemy subscription. I have been milking it as much as I can! Learning truly gives me a lot of joy. 

Completed Udemy Courses so far (2022): 2

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2. Seth Godin's Freelancer Course


1. Javascript course (only 25% done)

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