Beer Spa in Batam 🍻

Hey you guys!

This is part TWO of the Batam series! I visited Batam for the first time with some of my ~precious~ girl friends. 

We tried out a Beer Spa! 🍻

Yes, you saw that right. That means a jacuzzi bubble spa with beer, and also free flow beer throughout the session 😂 Definitely a one of a kind experience.

Benefits of Beer XD

First we are offered a mug of craft beer~ it is light and crisp!

Then the staff will do a quick wash, scrub and soak of your feet with beer in its early fermentation. It looks like milk tea and doesn't have the strong, distinctive smell of alcohol.

Next we were ushered into rooms where we enjoyed a very intense bubble spa in a tub of beer! The bubble making machine is very powerful. 

For ladies, you are given disposable undies and a cover up that is worn in the tub. My spa lady asked if I wanted a photo in the tub 😂

You soak in the tub for 30 minutes, and you can enjoy the free flow beer next to your tub.
Unfortunately our experiences varied - my tub of beer water was lukewarm but my friends' were extremely hot. Some of them didn't get the beer tap too, so quality was kind of inconsistent.

I found myself itching to do something in the 30 minutes of the spa - but decided to not touch my phone as the bubbles were truly intense and threatened to wet everything (or get into my drinkable beer!). I'll practise being alone with my thoughts instead.

After the spa, you towel off and get ready for the massage. You are not advised to shower (according to the website but you can do whatever you want.)

Once again, the quality of your massage really depends on the masseuse. In fact one of my friends did not even receive a refill of the beer and was mostly left alone without any instructions or interaction, which left her pretty confused. Felt like she was forgotten!! 

You will probably get the best experience here if you are attended to by a capable and skilled staff! 

When the session ended, we were offered hot ginger tea which I really enjoyed!

Overall it was a really fun novelty experience ~ The price is about $50 per person for the spa, massage and beer. You can make a reservation beforehand. 

Things to note:
*Though the beer is advertised as 'free flow', there is a limit to the small kegs in the little bar fridges. I think we had about maybe only ~12 cups split among 4 people before it ran out.

Spa Village
Komplek Top View Garden
Baloi Indah, Lubuk Baja, 
Batam City, Riau Islands 29442,