New hobby

Hey guys!

How's everything going? I had a very powerful iced flat white at Supply and Demand and ended up starting a new hobby.

It started off with me messing around:

Then I drew myself and my sister in this silly, ugly art style.

It's very comical and freeing to draw like this.

I like drawing in black and white with a single 'marker' style! Thick markers are one of my favourite mediums since young. I love the boldness and simplicity of black and white too.

Drew some of my friends too!

In a caricature style this time because I could not resist the Pokemon onesies.

Also experimented with this cute chibi style for my grandma:

Yeah I did almost 10 portraits in a span of a day, thanks to that potent coffee 😂

I then took up some commissions with neater line art. Those take me super long to do though so I don't think I'll pick up comms too often! 

    Now I'm drawing the BTS members in this line art style! Meme faces are great and fun to draw. It really cracks me up.

If you want to see more, check out my page on Instagram! @chillartclub