Pasta & Co

Hello hello!

We went to this restaurant in Fortune Centre recently. Like I said, Fortune Centre, a small old school shopping centre, is really charming and endearing to me because of the interesting tenant mix and the smaller crowd despite its excellent city location in Bugis. 

Pasta & Co. serves fresh handmade pasta!

We headed there when my feed was filled with people visiting them during Valentine's Day 😙

There are about 10 tables in this small but sleek looking space. I like that this Italian restaurant is not too classy/upscale looking to scare away casual diners. Makes it perfect to hang out with less expectations and stress...

Our friendly server introduced us to the menu, gave us some recommendations and showed us the different types of pasta available on a pretty gold tiered tray (like a high tea spread!)

From what I remember there was paprika, squid ink tagliatelle, and for the short pastas: pumpkin rigatoni and beetroot fusili available that day. Forgot to take a photo of the tray but you might be able to spot it in the corner on another diner's table on the top left of the previous photo.

Besides your choice of pasta and flavour, you also get to choose the portion size: tasting portion or full. 

They also serve wine and other beverages~

What we ordered:

Our server recommended the Battered Soft Shell Crab ($10.90).  Other popular items include the Kale Salad and Burratina Salad. 

To be honest I wasn't really expecting such big, juicy crab flesh! Usually when we eat soft shell crabs in Singapore, they usually come in a burger, and we rarely get so much flesh to enjoy. Yum! There are 4 pieces of these and they were piping hot~

For our pasta: we got the tasting portions for both because 
(a) we had dessert plans after
(b) the tasting portions are on Burpple Beyond so we get to enjoy the 1-for-1 discount

From what I saw on IG, the Vongole is really popular. The Vongole here is quite of a fusion style, using Sake and Mirin instead of the usual white wine. This made the dish taste less 'aggressive' and places it firmly in the 'comforting' flavours (for me).

While the clams were nothing to shout about, the garlic, ginger, dashi, bonito flakes and shichimi togarashi really pulled the dish together. As for the pasta, it was prepared al dente. Can't really say I tasted much squid ink.

Our second pasta dish is the Beef Ragu with pumpkin rigatoni. This were served with delicious, fine melty cheese (likely Parmesan/Parmigiano-Reggiano) and a yummy fried onion. The beef pieces were cut into bite sized pieces but tended to be more on the salty side. Goes well with the pasta though. Again, I couldn't taste much of the pumpkin unfortunately.

Our total bill came up to about $30 after a the Burpple Beyond discount! 

The Beef Ragu is definitely more flavourful and possesses more of a wow factor. For both dishes I felt like the sauces outshone the pasta 😅. Still yummy! 

My favourite handmade pasta is still from Pastarazzi, but I'm glad that more and more handmade pasta joints are springing up in Singapore (like Tangled in Chinatown Point).

And off to enjoy some dessert now... 

Pasta & Co.
Fortune Centre,
190 Middle Road
Singapore 188979