Graphic Novels: Seconds and Soppy

In this post we'll be talking about two graphic novels/comics!

The first one is by Bryan Lee O'Malley, who is the author of the wildly popular Scott Pilgrim series. This was made into a movie that starred Michael Cera. It's a special movie and series for me because it introduced me to Metric through the song 'Black Sheep'.

Gif capture from Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Watch it. Read it!!
 So I was in Kinokuniya the other day with Sandra, shopping for pens (thanks Eve for the birthday vouchers hahaha!) and I chanced upon Seconds! Was kinda super excited about it, but then I flipped it over and damn, it cost like $50-60. Hot damn.

So anyway I moped about it, and then I realised I should really go check it out on to see if it's cheaper. No such luck. Then I finally used my brain and checked it up in my library. JACKPOT BRUDDERS!

omgomgomg can't breathe

Except that it was on loan at the moment, so I had to come check it out another day. No worries. I left with a light heart and light footsteps.

Coming back from Hong Kong (read about the trip here), I was back in the library in a couple of days. AND I FOUND IT! I REALLY FOUND IT!

SO: What is Seconds about?
Katie is a chef who owns a cute, thriving restaurant called Seconds. She wants to open a new restaurant soon. She finds magic mushrooms and instructions, and writes her 'mistakes' on a magic notepad. BAM! She gets to relive her life again. Kinda like a timeturner but for more specific events. Of course, we all know that when you mess around with time, something usually goes wrong.


When I flipped this book open, I was pleasantly surprised by the COLOURED pages, in all its glory. Holymama I'm so used to black and white manga on screens, this really made my day. Haha. Plus the book is really new-ish. I don't know why people like the smell of musty old books. Give me fresh crisp pages to flip through, man.

The red girl is Katie. That's a view of her restaurant, Seconds.

Love love love all the graphics here.

Cameos by Scott & Ramona on page 259. Omg easter eggs like these totally make my day.

Omg spazz moment.

Felt that Lis could have had a more prominent role. She seemed rather passive to me. Katie can also be fking annoying at times. Someone slap her.

Ok not so kuazhang lah but it's cute ok?

Moving on...

So I also spotted 'Soppy' by Philippa Rice, which I saw floating around Tumblr or something. Either way I know it's a new 'in' comic/illustration picture book so there. Hahaha.

It's a series of gorgeous illustrations. You watch a love story unfold between the two characters, an adorable girl and a tall dude. 

They move in with each other, and Philippa captures some raw little moments. 
Sometimes they get into fights too.

This book took me like 10-15 minutes. After all, there isn't much of a 'word plot'. Just a very cute story to enjoy!

/edit: The story is about Philippa and her real life boyfriend!

RECOMMENDED? Yes, it's pretty cute! But Seconds definitely win, hands down. Very unfair comparison here I know.

Catch ya later!