Movie: Jurassic World

Jurassic World (2015) Spoilers everywhere, read at your own risk.

Was only excited to come home from Hong Kong for a single, time sensitive reason.


I so had to catch it in cinemas, especially after my little tutees tried to describe it to me.

"There was a really giant grand dinosaur, that was really really really giant! There's also a shark that was very giant. Then the grand grand grand dinosaur ate the shark and all the water came out!"

Lol so cute. They should get little kids to blurb movies.

said scene as described by kiddo
One of the few things I remember about Jurassic Park is the scene where they were stuck in a lab with metal trolleys and there were intimidating dinos poking about. And of course, I also remember the thick foliage and general running around. Don't remember anything else much, oops. Too young probably.

the whole theme park idea. Just came back from Ocean Park and the whole theme park idea is fresh in my mind. I mean, yes, exploitation of animals like a zoo, but HEY!! DINOSAURS!!
But maybe you really should not try to sit on them or control them like crazy.

Gyroscopes, cool ass shows and exploration treks, SIGN ME UP, STAT!

Love how movies bring such ideas to life. Go, technology!

Chris Pratt. Nuff said.

The tongue in cheek Jurassic Park references.

and our heroine, Claire!

I like her eyes and her hair.

WTH is even going on with the fat dude and the scientist? Like, back off man! Grr.

Siao ah, make Claire run in heels for the whole movie? Apparently, this is pissing people off all over the world.

Also, how do you outrun a killer dinosaur? Well, but fuq logic in a dinosaur world.

Interesting, but:
Zach is a very typical teenager, omg. Using the phone all the time, checking out girls, being all sullen and unresponsive. Lol. The brother bonding scenes didn't really do it for me though, think there wasn't enough time to explore the relationship between the two. Oh well. Cute but bland. I liked Gray, the little brother, 10xxxxx more.

That's mostly also because I feel like Gray most of the time, especially when I'm happy and excited. I'll just run all over the place to check out the sights. Derp.

Other thoughts:
Also kinda shocked that JW beat Avengers? Hurr?? Actually there doesn't seem to be much hype here in SG imo, but everyone I know has been giving great reviews via word of mouth. The best and most reliable referral method, I would think.

I want a ferry ride to Jurassic World now, safety be damned. I giggled at all the parts where they showed little children being wowed by shows and doing digging at 'excavation stations'. Very much like what I observed in Noah's Ark at Hong Kong. Kids are easy to please, love their enthusiasm. I'll gladly buy lots of dino merch too. Dinos will always be fascinating yo...

VERDICT: WATCH IT HAHA! I enjoyed myself. The movie didn't feel like the (almost) 2hrs. It's fun to root for the old school dinos too.

Also: lol check out how Chris Pratt's now iconic 'zookeeper' pose is viral around the world.

Ok brb people crack me up.

Over and out!