An uplifting movie with a touch of retro-futuristic feels. Spoilers everywhere, don't click if you don't wanna know anything~

What do I mean by retro-futuristic? Like back in the times where people were crazy about space, NASA, rockets and all that. The 'old school' technology, not like the super intelligent machines we have today. Probably the late 1950s to 1970s? Especially when there was a Space Race between the USSR and the US. 

What's it about:
Casey Newton and Frank Walker (George Clooney) try to save the world from 'inevitable' natural destruction. Expect some robot fights, different space/time dimensions, space related ideas and lots of adorable kids. 

Tomorrowland surprised me. Two female heroines instead of the typical, stereotypical male character? Yay that! Also the part where they had female space trainees... it was such an optimistic, hopeful moment for me. Like... awwwh one day there could be a better, more egalitarian world out there eh? :') 

Love how Casey dresses for the whole part of the show. Very rugged and comfortable? Haha. 

Also like how geeky, smart and athletic she is (the parkour jumping haha).

Athena reminds me of Audrey Hepburn/Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. Such a classic beauty!

And damn, I can't wait to visit Disneyland so I can get me one of these!!

What I liked most about Tomorrowland is the message of HOPE! 

Favourite quote:

Frank Walker on what his jetpack can contribute to the world:
"I'll feel like anything's possible if I saw people flying with a jetpack. I'd believe anything is possible."

It's a little like Katniss in Hunger Games, or Captain America. When you are the Mockingjay, you are no longer useful as 'yourself'. You are a symbol of hope. Such strong, powerful impact a person, image, or idea can have yes? 

Ummmmm moments:
The two wolves story? Being tumblr born and raised...I know that it originated from a Native American tribe. The one in the movie is super watered down, and I wonder if my activist friends on Tumblr was say if this is 'misappropriation'. Not sure.

But it's a story that sticks, I guess. Choose the right wolf to feed. 

LOL? moments
The names? Newton, Governor NIX? Frank WALKER? (Star Wars sounding, huh). Haha. The Paris leg was funny. It's like the Dan Brown moment when you find out everyone famous or influential is Illuminati hahaha.

WOO! I LIKE THIS! Moments:
Also liked the old Coke bottles. Retro much, and product placement much. Haha. And the colours and scapes of World Trade Fair! Awesomes. 

And this:

The scapes/concepts are lush! I love the mix of materials in 'positive futuristic worlds'. When I first visited one of the Gardens by the Bay Conservatories, the one with the waterfall, I was like... we haz arrived. Love the mix of modern sleek glass and metal with lush greeneries. 

Liked the last part about the dreamers too. Daaaaw.

Show me more about Athena's stories, and how she 'lived' through the ages and how she was made? Typical robot-human love story, but not developed (thankfully, because watching a grown adult man with white hair romantically loving a little young cherub is still...not...very pleasant.) Very nice fluid fight scenes for Athena too. Also, more about the original people with badges? 

Tomorrowland (2015):
Nice premise, kinda preachy but hopeful message, OK flow and rhythm, lovable characters (Athena). I like Star Trek and The Jetsons, and am a fan of retro-future, space age kinda stuff, so I'm digging this. A nice change from all the dystopian movies/fiction out there (Divergent, Hunger Games, even Maze Runner? Haha). 

Not the best Disney movie out there, but I definitely still enjoyed it! Am going to try to watch more non blockbuster movies too. Expanding my measly film knowledge and genres haha.

Hope you will like movie too, if you manage to catch it!