Recently had the chance to eat super duper cute Cookie Monster macarons from my schoolmate Yue Huan (sumopocky)! 

Brought them to the softball gathering, everybody agrees that it's super cute. Just look at them please. Irresistible. 

Cookie monster is like my favourite Sesame Street character, well, cause we have common interests. Hahah.

Yue Huan makes super cute macarons, like these Little Piggy Macarons and Emoji Macarons.  

Got to try her meringues too! Filled with chocolate chips, yumyums. This sugary treat is best for sweet tooths like me.

Thank you Yue Huan for the yummy macarons & pictures :) 

If you didn't know, Yue Huan also baked my 21st birthday macarons too! I like Rilakkuma, so...

SO CUTE RIGHT? Loved how the macarons added to my dessert table. Ahhh. It was really fun throwing a themed party haha. Would totally do it again when I have more funds $$$

If you're looking for customised, trustworthy and super photogenic & delicious macarons, this is it. For orders and more, like recipes to try at home (!!! like the No Bake Nutella Cheesecake), check out sumopocky.blogspot.sg ~

Note: is this considered like an advertorial? Lmao