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Here's some stuff to check out:

One thing I like about Rice Media is that it explores non-mainstream topics like these. You may sometimes wonder how people lead their lives, but probably wouldn't delve deeper. I'm also glad I didn't have to physically go to Golden Mile Tower but still get some answers in the piece revolving around girls and ghosts.

This book, Loss Adjustment, about a 17 year old teen who jumped off the top floor of her condo in Clementi. Her mother, the author, picks up the pieces and finds clues on why she committed suicide by reading her journal entries and talking to her friends. A very sad but moving book about love and loss. I also think suicide should be something that we should all discuss instead of shroud in shame or avoidance due to it being taboo. 

This Instagram account where Singapore Shihui @tabaogirl chronicles her daily attempts to reduce plastic and other wastage by bringing her own containers and cups etc. Finally, an account from Singapore that is most relatable to me in my attempts to try out #zerowaste.

These cute and creative miniatures from @tanaka_tatsuya.

Barcodes as keyboards!

One of my favourites. Okonomiyaki baseball!
"Lucky Laundry"

This super fun song from Rich Brian. I always laugh at his spaced out face and also when he's smiling so widely, being as pleased as punch from 2:10 onwards. His cheeky face always gets me.

Very cool and humble guy from what I've seen so far! I mean, he did an interview with GQ about the 10 things he couldn't live without, and while other rappers named their gold chains and Rolexes, he whips out a bottle of Pink Himalayan salt he uses in his cooking, a Rubik's cube, a can of Indonesian corned beef, and a set of nail clippers. LULLL

I also really laughed and enjoyed Dat $tick, his debut song, too.

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