The Many Facets of a Person

Two Faced Annie by Belinda Colozzi

If a person only loves and treats his girlfriend well, but treats everyone else like dirt, can he be considered as kind and loving?

How about a mean boss who regularly volunteers to work with children?

A person who is environmentally conscious but at the same time also a very misogynistic person? (someone who is strongly against women)

How about a person who is generous in charity for cancer but abuses his maid when he's at home?

The religious devotee who is unkind?

And of course, the famous example of Hitler championing pro-animal rights.  Did you know that he was vegetarian too?

I guess my point is that everyone has sides of them, and just because he or she is 'nice' or 'good' in one area, doesn't mean that they are the same in other aspects. And that is a very human thing, to have so many facets of a self. Of course, some attitudes or actions have more negative impact than others, so that should be a consideration too. 

Maybe what I'm trying to say is that...we can't really judge someone when we may only know one facet of his/her life. 

Perhaps one way to deal with this is to never put someone on a pedestal, or view them as a paragon, so that you will never be hurt by your disappointment about how they are not so stellar in some aspects.

Your thoughts?

Signing off,