Brotherbird Coffeehouse: My Croissant Craving

Hey guys!

Stateland / Brotherbird in Bugis got a revamp and is now called Brotherbird Coffeehouse. I used to go there for their mochi donut + soft serve, but have not had the chance to try out their croissants!

As I have mentioned in one of my posts, I am super into croissants now and have been watching lots of croissant making videos! XD It's fascinating to see people pin it down to an exact science.

Oolong Croissant ($5) and White ($4.50)
Cross section of Oolong Croissant.
The Oolong Croissant is finely layered, crispy and flaky. Wish it was slightly toasted. I guess the USP of this croissant is the generous portion of oolong custard in the middle portion of the croissant.  Oolong is subtle and fragrant, but honestly I don't need so much custard in my croissant haha! Loved the sugar glaze too and the cute little chocolate button atop the croissant. Great croissant IMO even without the filling.

As for the coffee (white), latte art was cute and the coffee had a slight sour acidic aftertaste. Know very little about coffee so that's about all I can offer you XD

Double Chocolate Roll ($4)
The Double Chocolate Roll was a beautiful work of art too! Dusted with cocoa powder, the roll is not too sweet and much to the liking of my pal Chanel! The pastry is crazy crispy though, so if you're using the fork and knife, you might get flakes flying everywhere. I guess we should just use our hands :D Is that barbaric? Is it faux pas to do so in France?

Lastly I also bought a Feroro Rocher Croissant as a takeaway.

Feroro Rocher Croissant ($5)
It's looking real fancy with a little gold spray! However we felt that the chocolate was a bit too sweet and overpowers the buttery croissant. Like the Oolong, I think the flavours are not completely in harmony, or maybe it's just me who likes more balance in flavours for this notoriously tricky pastry! I guess I prefer a classic (plain) croissant after all.

Second floor of the Brotherbird Coffeehouse
Forgot to take interior shots, but here's a real quick snap I sent to my friend in a message. For more beautiful photos of Brotherbird Coffeehouse, check out my friend LeeLee's posts on IG here. (And give her a follow if you like her work!) A huge part of why we paid this cafe a visit was because of her beautiful shots of the croissants. XD

Payment was by NETS or cash~

An OK place to hang out but noise levels can get loud in the echoey upper floor when there are many chatterboxes around. Some oblivious customers also push back their chairs with force, creating a deafening screeching noise each time they stand up or adjust their chairs. Halp la.

Lastly, though they ran a #workfromcoffeehouse initiative in February, which encouraged people who were 'working from home' during this coronavirus period to visit, I didn't see many wall sockets/power points available so I guess you have to bring your own power sources. Sad lol.

Still a nice place to grab a delicious pastry, but be prepared for crowds if you visit during peak hours.


Brotherbird Coffeehouse
32 Bali Lane