Burger+ (Wisma)


Couple weeks back, we spotted this really snazzy Korean fast food joint at Clarke Quay. With black and pink American diner styled furniture, the restaurant's offerings of fried korean chicken, burgers and milkshakes looked very promising and enticing. 

So a few weeks later, we made our way to the Wisma Atria branch to give Burger+ a go!

Hazelnut Milkshake ($7.80)
This milkshake is part of a combo (main, side, drink)! I love that it is not over-the-top sweet (Macdonald's milkshakes), and the hazelnut flavour really works here! Smooth, cold and thick, like a milkshake should be. Mmm would be perfect if they offered a hazelnut latte kind of milkshake, since they already offer a coffee milkshake anyway.

Truffle Fries ($9.80)
We were deliberating between the truffle fries and the garlic fries, but went for this option in the end. Huge portion considering this is a side! You can see strips of cheese and the sauce was good too. Nothing crazy outstanding but a good side to share with others.

6 Pcs Chicken in Yangnyeom sauce ($9.20)
We went for the mildly spicy Yangnyeom chicken (wingettes and drumlets). The special Korean sauce is described as sweet and tangy. Enjoyed the sauce, crispy hot chicken, BUT - it's a huge but here - we found the chicken inside sadly bland. Maybe they thought that the sauce would be the end-all for flavouring of the Korean fried chicken. Terribly wish that the meat was marinated better! Maybe we hyped ourselves too much but this was disappointing for us. Still on the search for great Korean fried chicken in Singapore.

Beef Bulgogi Burger ($13.80)
Last but not least, the verdict on the burger from a chain that is called Burger+! Does Burger+ really live up to its motto, "More Than Just A Burger"?

Kind of expected the Beef Bulgogi burger to come in sliced beef lol! Bun was fluffy and of the brioche texture. Onions were soft and sweet, but the meat patty, oh the meat patty! What a shame! If it could be juicier with more sauce, I would love it so much more! The burger is conservative in flavour and lacks a certain charismatic character to warrant a second trip to the outlet.

Total bill came up to $38.10.

Overall I guess you can say we were ready to be impressed but were mostly not wowed by anything. Really wanted to love this place but the food was not really to our taste (nor our wallets haha.)

Hence I'm going to give this place a: 

B+. Badumtss.

 #01-37/38 Wisma Atria435 Orchard Rd Singapore 238877