Earlier: My New Song

Hey guys!

Glad to announce the release of my new original song, 'Earlier'. Sorry I couldn't get it out to you... earlier. *Ba dum tss!!* XD

Jokes aside, there's a good reason for the delay. Though I finished the recording of the song a looooong time ago, I decided to challenge myself and make a more complex animated video than Feed The Machine, which was kind of an animated loop of Sonny the dinosaur collecting scraps to feed the machine.

What is the song "Earlier" about?

Sometimes when you are entrenched in an unhealthy situation or encounter difficult people, you might not have the courage to take action to make things better.This could because you are too afraid, too uncertain about the ramifications, or too comfortable in your current position to make a change. 

And when you finally do snap to your senses and do what is right, you tell yourself, hey, I really should have done this earlier! I hope this song inspires people to do things that they have been putting off - whether it is leaving a toxic workplace, walking away from unhealthy relationships or pursuing something they care about. #selfcare

Tell us more about the song creation process.
I actually toyed around a lot with the melody of the pre-chorus. I also went for a bass driven line this time, instead of a repeating, chaotic sounding motif like in Feed The Machine. I wanted this song to sound more relaxed and smooth, with a little city pop vibe.

Tell us about the video process.
Making a 3 minute-ish 2D video is no joke! I spent a lot of time drawing and colouring scenes on Adobe Sketch, before importing them into Photoshop and Premiere Pro to "animate" them. By "animating", I would say I only played around with simple tools like keyframes, rotation, scale, and panning. Hope to equip myself with more skills for both animation and art so my videos will improve its standard!

Some behind the scenes pictures:

Sketch of entrance

Coloring on the tablet

The video is largely based on true stories I collected. For example, encountering politics in the company, having inadequate quality time with loved ones and downsizing for a less stressful life.

What's next?
I am going to tackle some covers that are requested by my Instagram followers next! It's been a long time coming and I want to thank them for their patience :)

Happy listening & thank you for the support!