Beeswax Wraps

 Hey friends!

Just wanted to share my newest eco thing. I received two free beeswax wraps after doing a survey about the pandemic exhibit at the National Museum! I was really excited. They come in four designs. 

I have seen people using beeswax wraps but have never tried it myself. Here goes nothing.

You can gently mould the wrap to cover your container, or fruit (say a half cut avo). I tried it on a large soup bowl. It was fun! 

Apparently you just have to wash them gently with soap after you're done! You have about 100 uses before you need to re-wax the paper. Interesting! The idea is to replace plastic cling wrap.

Not suitable for keeping meat! I'll continue to use them and see how they fare.

I don't think these are available anymore. The following week they gave out free cushions in the same 4 designs. 

Have you tried using beeswax wraps before? What do you use them for? LMK, I'm new to this!




Tried wrapping half an avocado, didn't work too well. We'll just use these wraps as bowl lids.

On the bright side, I introduced these wraps to my dad and he has taken to using them instead of plastic clingwrap! Score one for the eco-team!