Second time around

I know it's technically isn't really Circuit Breaker, but it sure does feel like it.

Since it's the second time around, I decided to do some things differently!

  • Call my friends more.
    Since I won't be seeing them for a while, I shall call them more often! Text messages are fine and dandy but it's lacking the 'human touch' as compared to a voice or video call. Hope it helps us to stay in touch better! It's nice to hear each other's voices and to communicate in real time since messages get spread out over the span of the day.

  • Take it easy.
    We're living in a pandemic, after all. It's dumb to pretend that everything is fine. We can't do our work the same way so we shall adapt and make the best out of it. Sometimes work actually becomes more efficient? Maybe staying at home helps everyone feel more energised which may help their focus.
Same same
  • Still exercising.

  • Played games more for entertainment than an escape of reality.
    2020 - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp V.S. 2021- Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact is my first ever RPG game and it's been really fun!  (I didn't play Maple or Audition when I was younger. In fact I didn't even have a Gameboy to play Pokemon.) It's a game with beautiful anime-style graphics. How lovely!!

    This is my Traveller when I was lower level! I now also have Noelle and Qiqi that I got from Wish events, yay! (I'm now at Adventure Rank 19)

  • Still reading! Read a book about two best friends called 'Firefly Lane', and am watching the series on Netflix now. 

  • Making art! Both digital and physical. Including crafts like embroidery. 
  • Went out to cycle! 

  • This time round I have not cooked or baked at all. All these kitchen activities are done by my sister and mother. My sis is big on cooking and baking and have been experimenting with sourdough lately.
What have you guys been up to?

PM Lee is about to announce something in 30mins, I wonder what's it gonna be.

Stay safe and healthy!