It's Taco Night!

Hey friends!

Hope your weekend went well. 

Mine was filled with great home cooked food by my sis and mum!

We had a Taco Night.

Dad ordered the Taco Shells and mix for the ground beef from Lazada because it's cheaper there than NTUC! You still have to toast the taco shells btw. 

We prefer crispy tacos to soft tacos. Mum got the ground meat from the market.

What a spread! Everything prepared by my sister, including the mushroom chicken quesadillas! She makes them using Gardenia wraps heheh. 

She made different types of salsa. One tomato 'pico de gallo' that my parents love, an avocado based one, and a chili flakes mango one which is my favourite!

We also had a watermelon mint salad with cheese! The mint was freshly plucked from our plant at home.  Didn't get feta cheese in time so I think we used this garlic chives cream cheese we had.

You may be wondering, what did I contribute to the dinner?

Here's a nice, long exhaustive list.

  • Contributed ideas for the mango salsa and watermelon salad (inspired by my friend who whipped it up for a dinner party)
  • Played Mexican music
  • Danced
  • Played noisy maracas
  • Got told off
  • Ate a lot
  • Did some dishes

Cheers to a new week!