side step right left to my beat 💛

Hello hello from the land of CB2.0!

Or some call it CB Lite. (Circuit Breaker, aka lockdown.)

Here are some updates on my life:

💜 Painted a rilakkuma ice cream on a square canvas that I got from Popular! Went for the cute route haha. I think I'll do a digital illustration of this too. Thanks Linghong for another great art sesh!

💚 I have finally, finally made it to Unit 3 for Bahasa Indonesia on Duolingo! Hip hip hurray! This is using Duo consecutively after about 107 days. 

I also started learning some Korean alphabet on the side. Duolingo isn't good for the alphabet imo.

💙 HBL is out in full throttle so I've been on Zoom all day long too. How are you guys coping with being at home? I have mostly been in, except for running and once when I went out to run errands and grab lunch. I've been running about 2km and doing Yoga every other day! Doing yoga after months of no yoga really makes you feel super sore.

💛 The new BTS single 'Butter' is out! I love it (more than Dynamite :x ...) I feel like the boys are more confident in their English now! The song is indeed smooth like butter.

How does Usher feel being name dropped? Haha. And howw many GEN Z are gonna check out 'U GOT IT BAD?'

Also, wow there were LOADS of great tae shots. I feel like Jin had lots of fun too HAHA!

Which other artist drops their fandom name in their song? Haha check out this cap when the song was only at 5million views.  It's at 
31,502,354 views right now (after 2 hours). 
Amazing. Worldwide domination indeed.

I also love Jimin's hair!!! The slick back gives me pastel Joker vibes.

I never knew JK had an eyebrow piercing haha. He really looks like an anime boy with the sports attire. Like someone on the Free! team. Maybe Rin hahaa.

Suga rapping in English was also so CUTEEE.

The rap line especially J-Hope didn't get much song time but at least he wrapped up the song! Beautiful blonde hair haha. 

💜Also did a TikTok duet for the first time with Jacob Collier. It's so much fun! Gotta say it's my first time hearing the song 'Overjoyed' from Stevie Wonder. Singing it somehow really imparts a lot of joy. How amazing! 

##duet with @jacobcollier ##overjoyedchallenge hahaha kinda late to this challenge but how can you pass up a chance to duet w jacob?! 😍

♬ original sound - Jacob Collier
TikTok is really good for short projects haha. Definitely useful for anyone who is procrastinating cuz they don't want to start on a long-format project which requires recording, producing the song, shooting, and producing the video once more. In contrast, you can get a TikTok done in less than an hour!!! Don't worry, I still have long format projects in the works...

💙 Got some new kicks from ALDO too! Loving the sunny rainbow vibe. Too bad I can't wear it out anywhere 😂

Alright, I gotta scoot now to do some work. See yall in a bit! Stay safe my friends! 😀