My newest interest...?

Hey guys! 

Wow, I'm checking in real late this Wednesday (typing this at 11.26pm).

I've been pretty busy what with work and almost weekly performances! As the saying goes, 台上一分钟,台下十年功 (Chinese proverb: one minute on stage requires the practice of ten years off stage). Though not very obvious or visible, a whole lot of preparation goes into work, as well as my live performances! Glad to say that there is indeed improvement over time. The progress definitely heartens me and I will continue to strive forward :)

In other news~!

In these recent months I have (yet) another new interest.





make up!


As a teen I have tried basics like concealers, eyeliners (lol the winged cat eye period) and some mascara. Makeup isn't something I was keen about, though I probably needed to learn it to hide my terrible eye circles. (I received once concealer as a present for Christmas, guys.)

Recently, however, I have changed my perception of make up and find it to be fun rather than a chore (or a bore.) I now feel more interested and motivated to master techniques!

Why, you may wonder? What sparked the change?

As with many of my hobbies and interests, it stemmed from a comic! More specifically, a webtoon.

Webtoons are basically comics but in a scroll-down style, rather than in pages like manga. They're really popular in Korea and many drama series are based on them!

From what I understand, creators upload weekly and subscribers can sometimes pay to see the next episode earlier, or unlock more episodes on the app. So far I've only read one webtoon but from what I observed, the art style and quality varies wildly. Some research also told me that while manga artists typically have a whole team of assistants and publishers, webtoon creators tend to be more of the amateur type that upload works on their own. Also, webtoons tend to be coloured but manga is still by and large mostly black and white, disregarding special occasions. 

So I visited the website and clicked on one of the top webtoons called True Beauty by Yaongyi because I vibed with the art style. Here it is!

What's it about: True Beauty is about a girl transforming her life with make up. As you can see, there is also a love triangle. 


There are about 211+++ webtoon episodes available now! 

What I LOVED about the webtoon:


Like many other readers, I saw myself in the main character and grew to love her story. The power of representation is real.

Dozing off in class? All my teachers told me off. In hindsight I really should have slept earlier on school days...

I literally look like Jugyeong without makeup. Pimples, thick black glasses and all. LMAO. The potato life is very relatable to me. I love it. I feel very seen. HAHA

2. The MEME faces in the comic are EXQUISITE. 

I also loved all the fake names like "BALANCIAGE" and "YOOTUBE". 

There's also "BTS". 

3. The fashion and art style is pretty! 
The last memorable fashionable comic I read was Paradise Kiss and Nana! Definitely digging the art.  Sorry, forgot to screenshot these and am too lazy to scroll through 211 episodes...

4. It inspired me to approach makeup and learn more about it.

Got carried away with the webtoon and forgot to tell you guys about the makeup aspect. The MC uses makeup and 'teaches' us little tips and tricks along the way. However, I think her passion for makeup was the main factor that led to the change in my perception of it. She is always excited about new products and new ways of applying makeup, to the point that she wants to study makeup and work professionally as a makeup artist (includes special effects like zombie makeup!)

It seemed kind of fun so I tried it too. 

So I went to the stores and did some swatches to find possible color matches for my skin (still haven't found the right shade, wish I have a beauty influencer/YouTube friend that could help), and bought some new concealer and primer. The primer is amazing! It really makes all the difference in giving a smoother look. 

My mum and sister also gave me some cushion foundations, eyeshadows and lipsticks to try. I also experimented with hair curling and stuff since we're in this 'beauty phase'.

I think learning how to do makeup and basically groom yourself is a pretty useful skill set to have, especially when you need to be presentable, like at work, or for me, when I need to be in front of audiences. As this age I want to look less like a messy troll and more presentable. We want to show our best sides~! Plus, age isn't on our side and I have to start doing some skincare...

So anyway this 'soft' approach via the webtoon really inspired me to try out makeup and beauty related habits and products. Bear in mind that I am basically a potato and during the Covid circuit breaker period I even stopped using moisturiser which is considered the most basic of things in skincare. 


While I don't foresee myself going down the dramatic makeup look route, learning the 'fresh and natural' looks appeal to me. I hope to achieve this goal!!! 

Alright, I didn't make it in time for a Wednesday post after all, but wishing you guys a lovely week ahead!



P.S. What other webtoon should I read? True Beauty remains my one and only so far. (I have also watched live action and I love how the mullet looks on Seojun.)