Switzerland - Interesting (and sometimes funny) things we saw

This is the last of the Switzerland series! I hope you will enjoy these pictures.

 We found this lone durian (that did not smell) in an expensive, upscale departmental store.


This is a shot of a vending machine in Switzerland. If you look closely...

...you will find that the pregnancy kit is placed next to the box of condoms. And right below those, are iced Cannabis drinks. Haha! 

Medieval meeting room - but make it modern with a coding table cloth. In fact, the entire museum (which was housed in a castle) had traditional art interspersed with modern art. For example, in a traditional sitting room with fancy wallpaper and chairs, there was a modern pop art piece of .... a hamster. Yup.

Sorry, someone drew a moustache and blacked out her teeth. Lolz.

The MacDonalds Happy Meal in Switzerland serves carrots, wow!

Our favourite cat and mouse. 

Mountains, personified.

Bubble Tea is sold for about >7CHF a pop. Feels like the Swiss are in their 'Each a Cup' era...will they ever enjoy bubble tea on a scale like an Asian country? 


A strange pasta donut exhibit in the castle.