Tea Time: Lipton Cold Infuse

The temperatures in Singapore have been really high recently. To beat the heat, we got these Lipton Cold Infuse teas for cheap from Valu$. 

They're only 70 cents for a box of 15!!! 

For my international readers, Valu$ is a bargain chain store in Singapore. To keep prices low, they bring in parallel imports. They sell anything from snacks to cleaning products.

I got two flavours, Hibiscus Pomegranate and Elderflower Rose to try. 

I found it very funny that the tagline is: "LOVE WATER AGAIN". I suppose the flavouring really does help people who dislike the taste of water to hydrate! 

Here's what the teabag looks like. Smells pretty good!

It's very easy to make these. Just dump the tea bag into water, add ice or put it in the fridge. You could also probably add it to cold water straight away. It's convenient for you to use this in a bottle to go. I found a tall mason jar cup and used it instead of my usual mugs for some ~fancy~ vibes. Haha. 

This refreshing and zero caffeine drink is really perfect for a hot summer's day (which is basically every day in Singapore). You could probably make a large batch and leave it in the fridge. 

How did they taste?

Elderflower Rose

Refreshing probably due to the elderflower. The infuse actually uses other herbs like rosehip, rosemary, lime, and lemongrass. 

Hibiscus Pomegranate

Smells sweet and has a mild, refreshing aftertaste. Also contains rosehip, apple and pomegranate peels. 

I make the most of my teabag and keep topping up my water. Adding sugar would probably also make a pleasant drink, but I'm still trying to reduce my sugar intake so I didn't do that.

Out of the two, I think I prefer Elderflower Rose. 

That's all from me! Have a great week!


Update: My sister also bought the Lemon and Camomile flavour. It tastes good with a little extra honey! 🍯


  1. luckily you did not purchase the mango, it smells kinda like insecticide to me lol