Movie: Maze Runner 2- The Scorch Trials

Three things about this new movie: Action-packed, thrills, lots of running away. 
Should you watch it?: Yeah. why not!

This movie is so different from the second book in the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner, BUT IN A GOOD WAY. I was so disappointed by book 2 and 3 of the series, and wasn't planning to watch the movie until my sister wanted to. I was like, okay lor, give chance. 

Turned out to be a good idea. Say goodbye to an annoying plot, and hello to a better, tighter story.

What's it about: In the first movie, Thomas and his friends try to escape the Maze in the Glade. They make it out eventually. In this movie, they escape, traipse across sand deserts, run away from freak electric storms, encounter scary Cranks (zombie like humans infected by the Scorch), while being hunted by Wicked, the powerful and morally ambiguous organisation heading efforts to find the Cure. Expect dystopian landscapes, broken buildings, lots of grime, and see loyalties get tested.

Let's take a look at some of the actors:

First we have our main character Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien. He kinds of looks like a taller and more mature version of Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman). A cute leading protagonist. Sometimes hot-headed but you can't help but root for him because he's kind and loyal. I'm still loving his sense of curiosity (maybe fuelled by his deep rooted fear and suspicions of everything), mainly because if we don't question things around us (like Newt), we tend to become very comfortable and complacent. 

I like Newt though he sometimes comes across as whiny. He also reminds me of one of my favourite YouTube artists, Conor Maynard. You can't fault him though, after all the upheavals in his life. It's not wrong to want to cling on to a safe haven. But props for always having the courage to trust in his bros.

Then we have Min Ho, a crowd favourite. The bad-ass leader and fighter. Also, Asian represent! Min Ho is played by Ki Hong Lee, who you may also recognise from several Wong Fu productions.

They're so goofy hahaha.

And finally, my personal favourite. I giggled every single time he appeared in trailers. Say HELLO TO Janson aka Petyr Baelish aka LITTLEFINGER from Game of Thrones!!!

They didn't even bother changing his look, derp. He's also way less evil in this movie than GoT.

Littlefinger Janson in Scorch Trials.
Other notable female characters include Brenda (I didn't care for Teresa at all). Props to women on screen who kick ass.

Cinematography:  Some of the shots were very stunning- especially the ones that capture the vast expanse of desert. I liked the one in the poster, and also the part where the camera moves to capture all of them looking out at the desert. Ah. 

Yay, someone capped it.
I also liked how the cameras caught the movement of the actors (specifically, the scene where Min Ho and Thomas were checking out the electricity, before MH wakes up the cranks. IE. When they both enter the scene, covering each other's backs. The camera pan is so fluid and awesome here.) 

I also liked the well timed humour and scare tactics. Haha. Yay everywhere. The Cranks are also very zombie like. which mostly just builds on the hype of zombie mania too (Walking Dead, zombie Apocalypse books everywhere). Brainless, easy to understand villains that the audience will immediately get. 

Other thoughts:
In this movie, you don't really know where the story is going- the roadmap isn't very clear. I rather like that though.  The uncertainty portrayed in the film kinds of adds to the sense of feeling lost- I mean, how can anybody be sure about anything when the world depicted is so unpredictable? So I think the meandering makes things rather legit. It can be a little annoying that they are figuring things out as the story goes, but hey, I think it makes it more realistic! 

Also, comparing it to the actual book, I think the director and screenwriters did a great job. If you don't believe me go read the books. Haha.

 Closing remarks:
Went into the cinema with little expectations- after all, I've read the Scorch Trials and it was horrible (for me). This movie is yet another teen survival/dystopian story with good action. Not many surprises or emotional moments (nor heartbreaking moments- the most intense I felt was the ANGER at betrayal).  So, yeah, another enjoyable time at the movies! :)