Skye Eats: Ben's Cookies

Got to check out Ben's Cookies yesterday! They're a cookie brand hailing from London.
Apparently it's a big deal haha. So of course I had to unleash the sweet tooth in me and give it a try.

They've been around since 1983, and it seems like the only other stores in Asia are located in Seoul.

Check out the flavours!


Shared 7 cookies with Linghong, we had 3 each and shared a Triple Chocolate Chunk on the spot. NOMS.

$2.95 for a single cookie (gasp)
$14.75 for 7 cookies (in a box. We had ours in paper packets cuz we wanted to split them up and bring 'em home)

Get used to all my portrait shots cuz Snapchat. Lol.
First thoughts: The cookie is quite huge and thick, and the chocolate very luxurious and melty. Linghong was like, "Can you imagine what this is like when warm?" 

Ohhhhhh yes.

So I went home and microwaved them for about 15 seconds the next day.

Check out the cute Roald Dahl like logo they have.

A slice cut! I think this is the Double Chocolate Chunk.

What's the white circle thing? It's a huge white chocolate button, I found out later. I thought it was a marshmallow at first, lol.This is the White Chocolate and Macadamia. I've always found white chocolate (in general) too sweet, so this isn't my favourite. 


I forget to mention that before I even microwaved them, the cookies were already very crumbly, threatening to break apart very easily. That's why the paper packet is for, huh. 

Maybe you should also try a shorter microwaving duration, perhaps say 5 seconds. The chocolate was very nice and melty, but then later on everything felt more cakey moist rather than like a cookie. Hmm. Might be doing this wrong, lol.

Verdict: Not my favourite cookie type as I generally don't prefer soft cookies, but the chocolate is good. A bit pricey too, $2-3 per piece, but not bad lah. Can buy and share, especially if you cannot stand sweet jelak-ness. It's pretty big and thick anyway. Tasted better when I ate them outside the shop as compared as when I brought them home LOL. Not sure if I will come back and buy, my loyalties lie with crunchy things like Famous Amos, and also The Wooden Spoon at Shaw Towers (where you can also find Ah Loy Thai and Tom's Palette). 

You can find Ben's Cookies in Singapore at Wisma Atria #B1-50. It's near the escalators and Breadtalk I think. And behind it, is Famous Amos (lol). Bet they're not happy that a rival cookie store is so nearby. Better to keep your enemies close? :P