Movie: 我的少女时代 Our Times

I enjoyed this movie very much. 

What's it about林真心 is an awkward, klutzy schoolgirl who is crazy over Andy Lau. And she has a mega crush on the school hunk, tall basketball player 欧阳非凡。 Her life is disrupted when she gets into trouble with gangster bad boy 徐太宇, and becomes his kah-kia, doing all his homework etc. ROMANCE BLOOMS!!!


This movie is so cheesy, I died.

欧阳's introduction was HILARIOUS. Check out the centre parting hair, the basketball playing, and the auntie-killer smile. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

As you can see I spent most of the movie giggling to myself, cuz LOL!! SO CHEESY SO FUNNY

徐太宇 is very classic manga gangster, all hot blooded, strong fighter, dgaf about school etc.
I love that all these manga stereotypes came to life. (also, slam dunk sticker on Taiyu's desk in school. TRIBUTE YOZZZZ). 

Those brows. LOL.

Tall, dark, handsome. Check, check, check.
Also, he's super popular in Taiwan now... he's on so many magazine covers!!! ALSO HE'S BORN IN 1991 YALLLL (Sigh, we're going be super old soon, and TV will be full of these young uns, not even people who are our 90s batch even, dafuq.)

The main character,  林真心, the resident awkward teenager that fangirls over Andy and her crushes etc. Very relatable (TO ME!!! HAHA).

Girls just wanna have fun!

Also I spent a morning in bed just lazing around, recounting the entire movie cuz IT'S SO CHEESY AND CUTE. I like me some adorable rom-coms, yes. Kyaaaa :3

I found the cameo (Andy Lau), the starting and ending kinda ehhhh. Not necessary in this film, I think. It stands alone just fine! Maybe the director was scared that nobody would watch the show as the cast is relatively newbie, just like 那些年。

YASSS. It's entertaining, funny, and heart-warming. Nothing new or crazy creative, but we all need a little heart-warmer movie like this that reminds us of our youth, right? Spoken like an old kid indeed. ;P

p.s. think it's not out in SG yet, but do catch it when it's out!


  1. Hello, may I ask how many times the main actor and actress have suffered from illness and wounded in the movie? What were their illnesses? I wasn't able to count how many times they suffeed from illness and got wounded. :)

    1. Heya! Haha. I believe most of the injuries happen to Xu Tai Yu haha- the car accident at the start, fighting at the rink (?), fighting at the end of the show. He was also shown in the hospital after the fighting scene! I'm not very sure of the exact times they suffered tho, sorry hahah you gotta watch again :P