Skye Eats: Lola's & Brother Bird

In today's edition of Skye Eats, we explore some cafes!

Holla at Lola's Cafe, a cute cafe a stone's throw from Kovan MRT. It's less than a 5 minute walk.

Address: 5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893

Upon arrival, you can use the electronic queuing system thing to queue up. Yep, because it's crowded on a weekday, at 12pm, crowded at 2pm, and just generally almost always crowded with people lol?! (As reported by other friends who also visited here on other days) Popz sia this place! Hhaha.

While waiting (not for very long though, and the service staff was friendly!), LOOK AT ALL THE DESSERTS!

Small space, but with enough elbow room.

I like that they didn't overdo the 'quaint' feel. Simple and sweet decor.
Guess who's digging the hexagon seats and funky geometric patterns all around? ME! Like.
Ok but let's throw the spotlight back at the food.

We had the Truffle Fries ($11). IT WAS SUCH A HUGE BASKET OF FRIES. Plz share ohmygod. Not too bad, but go order something else to eat with or you might feel it's jelak.

The Lola's Full Monty's Breakfast ($16) had crispy brioche, bacon, ham, a tasty sausage, and buttery eggs. Good for sharing too! I mostly liked the taste of everything, except for the salad veggies that had balsamic dressing. Me no likes vinegar, no no no.

Sea Salt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream ($5)

The chocolate tart looked so promising?!?! My experience with this dessert was very marred however, by the big chunks of sea salt. Usually when there's sea salt (usually with caramel) in a dessert, it's blended in and has hints of it. But the salt was sooooo jarring and salty, I couldn't help by cringe and try to flick it off. Unfortunately the damage was already done when I discovered how much I disliked the big chunky salt pieces, because they crept into my chocolate tart anyway. SOBS.

The cream isn't very soft/creamy type, it didn't really leave an impression on me really. I left it alone for the most part. Not the best chocolate tart I had- it's alright but OH GOD THE SALT T_T #mytongueisscarred

So: Lola's is a very cute cafe, good generous portions of food, and quite a nice host of desserts to choose from. Be prepared to queue and wait a little bit in this bustling cafe, but otherwise everything is fine. The service staff were mostly very helpful and friendly, and Ade says the owners are pretty young too!  Do drop by if you're in the Kovan area (one MRT stop from Serangoon, for those of you who are lazy to check where Kovan is on the map haha.)

Next, Brother Bird!
Address: 30 Bali Lane, near Bugis MRT (and all the hipster cafes at Ophir Street)

Brother Bird is part of the Stateland cafes (the cafe that serves red velvet waffles). They're all beside each other, probably sharing the kitchen or coffee equipment or something.

Cute little tiny space.
We came for the Mochi Donut with soft serve ($9)! It's a dual swirl of butter cookie and coconut, with a cool rice donut, salted caramel, almond crunch and rapsberry thingies.

Verdict: HOMG! This exceeded my expectations. Was kind of preparing myself for a meh-ish dessert (ie. ready to dismiss this as a gimmick), but then! The mochi! The sweet glaze on the donut! I likeeeeeeeee. Chewy, hot, fried? NOMMYYY

The soft serve was not very 'soft' or slushy. It had a really nice solid and strong texture, and the tast was good. It's not very creamy as well, and basically I liked it. The almond stuff was crunchy and yummy too. Sweetness wise, it was just nice for me, but a little too sweet for Elisa. Well, I did say I have a sweet tooth. I think you can buy individual donuts without the ice cream too.

I'm still craving for this now, will totally go back again hahah.

Meanwhile, some comments about the tea.

Whisky, tea, or me?

Ordered a Lychee something tea. (I'm sorry I wasn't diligent enough to take exact notes today). WELL? The tea is fragrant enough, but if you leave it to steep for too long it will become bitter. It's ok-ish basically. Maybe you'll like to try the coffees instead.

Dumbest thing about this were the whisky like cups. They were very ill suited for holding hot tea- oh god please don't sacrifice aesthetic for unhappy fingers :(

Brother Bird is a small, pretty cute space. Pity our spot had little air-con and it was kinda stuffy. We spotted mostly teenagers & girlfriends coming over for the dessert. So, definitely a nice dessert stop to rest a little bit. Also, props for an Amy Winehouse & Chet Faker playlist.