Movie: Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

What's it about: Greg tries to survive high school by drifting in between crowds, but makes it a point to never really belong anywhere. He makes parody films of old movies with his co-worker Earl (he's so insecure, he doesn't even call him a friend). One day, his mother forces him to go hang out with Rachel, a girl who is diagnosed with leukemia. An unlikely friendship unfolds...

Rachel, Greg and Earl. 
This film isn't like most teen rom-com stories ie. Paper Towns, in the sense that it has a slower, plodding pace. This isn't bad, nor do I hate it. It's just different from the usual fast-paced movies I consume.

I liked how the directors allowed pregnant pauses in some scenes, they all contribute to creating the tension for the touchy subject of impending death by illness. Pacing is very important to me, even in books and manga. Timing isn't easy to grasp, nor is it easy to express. So props for that.

It's nice to see all the creative touches in the film- the stop motion, the fun approaches to making films, the paper crafts etc. The style is quite Juno-ish x 500 Days of Summer x maybe Scott Pilgrim colours (yeah, I just realised the studio made these two flicks. I really liked Juno,) I like it, though I don't exactly understand it. Haha.

Character development wise, I would say that it was quite lacking, mainly cuz Greg is young and still figuring things out. The friendship between Greg and Rachel is very underwhelming, thought that there could have been more interaction etc. But I guess the story was to say that maybe 'quiet is okay', as long it's comfortable, even between friends?  Hmm.

I thought Greg & Earl's friendship was stronger and more focused upon than Rachel x Greg. Derps.

Rachel and Greg. Don't you love the colours?
Greg is obviously still growing up, and it may be frustrating to watch him struggle. The movie deals mostly with 'Me' from 'Me and Earl and The Dying Girl'. There wasn't even much of the 'Dying Girl', though she was the trigger to this entire drama.

I would say the movie deals mostly with the inner world of 17/18 year old Greg, and if rambly, indecisiveness or immaturity is something you can't deal with, skip the movie. I thought it was a pretty realistic snapshot of a teenager trying to cope with his life and an impending death of a friend.

Other than that, Greg is an okay character to love and root for though, being kind, quick to laugh at himself, and with believable flaws and insecurities of every teen (self-image, social standing, etc). It's actually kind of painful to watch someone self-hate... a topic very close to home. Everyone else can see who you are, but your own distortion lens tells you otherwise.

Other stuff:

I think Rachel looks like Leighton Meester sometimes (Blair from Gossip Girl). Sho cute. Sometimes I feel like watching Gossip Girl again, but when you remember who unveiled himself to be Gossip Girl... nah.

Greg's father looks like Grumpy Cat. He's also a sociologist (giggle. looks like an anthropologist, too), that bums around the house most of the day. Okay.

Also, nice comedic foils by the cool hipster teacher Mr McCarthy. He's so "cool", it's funny. Haha.

Verdict: If you're into action movies and mostly blockbusters, this might not be your thing. It is quite drawn out, and doesn't really have a clear 'point'. However, I enjoyed it, because I dig high school stories (books, manga, movies, you name it.) And I'm a sucker for pretty visuals. This movie is not hate-able, but it ain't the cream of the crop either.

P.S. Also I really like the idea of hanging out with like-minded friends after school and doing projects like making films or etc. Gone are the days of such large unscheduled chunks of time... *mini sob* Well, we all have to move on with life and grow up. Especially me, I guess. such an overgrown child.

You can catch Me & Earl & The Dying Girl at Golden Village, Cathay, Filmgarde and The Projector (if I'm not wrong.)