Movie: Ant-Man

Hahaha so I caught Ant-Man. Wasn't really planning to but things just happened. It was a fun ride though!!!

Me before the movie: Is Ant Man like because he got bitten by an ant?

(Btw, no.)

I know Ant Man sounds really lame and everything hahaha.  We were not expecting much from the movie though it was a Marvel one. It was pretty funny and entertaining though! As Pok puts it "it went the Guardians of the Galaxy" route.

even the poster looks 'meh'

SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, you have been warned:

Dr. Pym invents some crazy atom thing that can shrink things (and people.) So Scott Lang, our resident "good" and badass Robin Hood-esque criminal gets shrunk when he dons the Ant Man suit. He learns to control ants, use different types of ants, including the flying ant as his pegasus- he affectionately names it Antony. (Get it, get it?) 

Scott's ride, Antony.

The antagonist is this guy called Darren Cross, a former protege of Dr. Pym gone down the wrong, twisted path. Sells tech to Hydra, drunk on power. So basically Dr Pym, his daughter Hope and Scott hang out and try to foil his plans. Funny moments everywhere. 

Epic fight scenes. Hahaha.
Scott Lang is very likable as a character- a very Chris Pratt kind of vibe imo.

"Dafuq is this shizz?"
His daughter Cassie is super adorbz!


Verdict: Why not?  It's not a wham bam omg awesome movie, but it definitely brings in the fun and laughter. It's cliche as all superhero movies go, so nothing new there. Likable movie! 

All's good.

Other thoughts: 

  • How much did Baskin Robbins pay them man... 
  • Mega loves Luis and friends for the funny retelling of stuff . "Fo real?" Hahaha. Perfect comic bunch.
  • "That's a really ugly looking dog!"
  • Y NO Tony Stark cameo? Haha.
  • Somebody please go through quantum ideas with me. How do you cross universes? 
  • I liked seeing Falcon (from Avengers)
  • You never thought insects could look cool. 
  • Can I haz friends like Luis and co? They always have your back yo. Hahaha.

Disclaimer: All pics and gifs grabbed from Google & Tumblr. Ain't mine.