Skye Eats: Green Pea Cookie, Chocolate Egg Tart Bread & Durians!

Hey guys. Decided to make a new 'type' of post here on my blog. Not very surprising really, considering how much I like to EAT! This ain't sponsored la lol (though HINT HINT HINT hahaha)

First up, Green Pea Cookie!
I chanced upon Green Pea Cookie on my Facebook feed! (Yes, sharing posts work on people like me.) It's the start of their Super Soft Launch in Singapore, so of course must support. I ordered one box to try :D

Comes in a cute little box.
Green Pea Cookie started off as a Kickstarter!  I'll grab a quote from their page there:

"To most of you, Green Pea Cookie is a completely new taste and the first of its kind in the USA. It is a scrumptious, guilt-free, vegan cookie that we believe would definitely put a smile on your face. Some people tell us that it tastes like a shortbread cookie, some say it tastes like a Mexican Wedding cookie."

For us Singaporeans though, it's something like a CNY goodie! 

Met Gigi yesterday to collect my Green Pea Cookie!!! She was very friendly and we shared a train ride together lol. Nice meeting you :)

10 000 pea puns everywhere. Hahaha.
Got the Original flavour! Can't wait for the chocolate dipped ones to be available in SG.
Omg the food clip is TOO CUTE ain't it

Let's take a bite...
1. I am a fan of CNY peanut/almond cookies so I wasn't surprised that I liked this!!! <3
2. It's soft and crumbly, a little moist (easy to crush, be careful! :O) and has bits of crunchy peas inside. The best thing to do is pop the whole thing into your mouth.
3. Taste: Mostly sweet with hints of salty bits of peas~ 
4. Verdict: YUM! GIMME THOSE CHOC DIPPED ONES! HAHA #chococolateaddict
5. The box said recommended portions a day are 4 cookies... but I already ate.. XXX (undisclosed number). 

The box also came with two adorbz stickers daaaw!!
Green Pea Cookie is great for people who love snacks, vegans and etc. You can get them by sending an email to or messaging her at Facebook! She's really friendly so no worries. This is still a new-ish thing and new delivery/collection options will be made available eventually! Each box is $12 SGD and has about 36 cookies. Do give it a try :) I enjoyed my cookies. Find out more on their Facebook or website

2. Chocolate Egg Tart Bread
Ok TBH I forgot what the little board at the bread shop said it's name was. But close enough la huh?

This costs $1.50 from Bakery Depot at Eunos MRT (near Gongcha). 
Verdict: NOMMMMMM NOMMMMMM NOMMMMM I liked it. (Haha, I'm not a very precise food blogger huh? The egg tart custard rather surprised me, it was smooth and sweet. *_*)  Good for a sweet snack~ Sweet tooth on the prowl.

3. Lastly, I finally got to eat DURIANS!

My family usually buys cheapo durians, but this year we decided to give Mao Shan Wang a try. Definitely more pricey, but damn, so worth the wallet pain.

But honestly half the time I don't know what type of durian I'm eating.

This dude was saying 'HELLO? HELLO?'. Seems like durian shops in this area all have birds as pets. This one was fierce haha one uncle tried to touch it and it went berserk.

Durian Auntie opening our MSW! Creamy, edible gold manz.
Then I went home and ate two, pathetic pieces and I had a sorethroat and breakout on my face. ;_;
Over the past few days the rest of the durians have been attacked by my family, until there are only 3 pieces left! It's time to step in. Superhero TH swoops in on the leftover pieces of durians and puts them in the freezer to preserve them for when she can eat them after her gigs. THEY'RE MINE, YA HEAR ME?