YouTube Shine Festival 2015!

Yo guys... whaddup. Feel like a super lucky duck to be invited to be part of YouTube's SHINE Creator Panel event! I had LOADSSSS of fun I can't even. Didn't expect to be so high lol. Imma blog about what went down here!

Warning: Am still on some spazz mode so this blogpost is gonna higher than usual lol.

We got to visit Singapore Google HQ! When I received the email invite I was like O.M.G. why would I pass that up?

We went on a tour around the 4 floors of Asia Tower first. There were tons of kitchens and food everywhere LOL. Apparently you put on weight when you join Google. Hahaha.

Cool shizz! There plenty of play spaces (foosball, pool etc) and meeting pods. The Google people working there were all very used to people touring the place and shouted 'Hi's and all haha! Fun vibes!

Google Lego wall!!! 

Werk it in the gym.

I really liked this haha. HADOUUUKEN!

TGIF flow beer, cocktails and food.
It was so hapz in this canteen! Like.. literally buzzing. Amazing energy at Google!

Aight. I'm sorry for all the shitty photo taking I was too happy to actually be exploring Google and didn't bother framing things properly. (Also, I used my phone gasp gasp)

We hung out at this chillax room and got to know each other better!
It was a really intimate setting. I was expecting like foldable chairs and a stage, but we got plush chairs and beanbags instead. Awesomes. X) 

Most of us are musician type YouTubers haha, but there were also people who did games, vlogs, make up, and parody etc! It was very cool to meet so many new different people!


I was already fangirling here. How are they real? Left to right: David Choi, Lydia Paek, Jrodtwins, DANakaDAN, Juncurryahn!
It was a short Q&A session. Some people raised pretty interesting questions: "What would you do if you woke up one day and all your YouTube videos were gone?"- Joshua

And also the YouTubers shared tips on YouTube strategies, getting audiences etc etc, how they work on their videos etc. The key thing I took away from the sesh was "CONSISTENCY". This means you gotta keep going man. Good sound advice. It's also cool to hear about how audiences grow up with you? Which is why I had many surreal moments meeting and talking with them. Like... woah. You guys have been part of my life since secondary school.

All my photos are either derpy or my eyes are half closed but nevermind. I will savour the moment. Haha. Hellooooo juncurryahn

DANakaDAN. He snapchatted us in the cool lifts LOL it was fun.

With the awesome Jrodtwins! Got to talk to Justin (left) haha he's super friendly! I hope to always stay so down to earth ahha. If you don't know them, they're like the male versions of Jayesslee. Check them out man. My favourite cover is Uptown Funk

Also, what the hell but I didn't expect 'networking' to be so fun? Hahaha. I always thought it was an awful, horrible and forced thing, but today was really FUN?! Just months ago I was like completely tongue-tied, freaking out and all when I met a famous dude (star struck also), and I couldn't even make conversation properly haha. 'Progress is progress' huh! (Thanks Oli <3)

So confused here but lol maybe when you meet people of similar interest/in the same industry etc it's really different. Awesumzz nice to meet yall man. Everyone is so cool :)

Photo Credit: Sammy Ng /crazyoverlove

Group shot! Photo credit: Sammy Ng / crazyoverlove :)

David Choi & Jaime Wong on Day 1! "It's amazing how many songs you can write from just one person."- David. Preach!
Caught some of dem YouTubers at the Orchard event too! Catch the SHINE FEST at Orchard for the weekend (10-12 July!) Feat. local acts like Jaime Wong, Charlie Lim, Shigga Shay etc :D

I'll be updating this space, after I catch more shows tomorrow! ONLY GOT TO LISTEN TO ONE LINE OF CHARLIE LIM TODAY NUUUUUU #notcool

Also I'm so sorry that this post is not very coherent- I was so high for the rest of the day I could only communicate through emojis. Lol. 

Catchya later~ //10 July 2015

DAY 2!

Hey guys! Went down to Shine Fest Day 2 in Orchard today! The crowd was very enthusiastic and game! 

Jrodtwins charming the crowd

DANakaDAN and 'national treasure' (lol) Narelle from Sam Willows! Much respect to Dan who was so super energetic for the entire Shine Fest.

Juncurryahn!!!! He did several Kpop covers, including Eyes Nose Lips. He also danced with a crew! Way to make pop violin perfs more exciting. (Y)

And a cover of Uptown Funk! The crowd was wild and singing along really loud! 

Halfway we went to gai gai and get some air. Shoulda worn heels couldn't see much with my height :'(


Got to try expensive Japanese/Korean rice seasoning thingies. The auntie was nice and the rice was warm *_*

$19 for 100g packet though erppz.

I HAD A CHOCOLATE WAFFLE! $1.50 It's the thin, crispy wafer type.
Then I discovered the Croquette Shop that Zac told us about...


Naturally I bought one. Haha. I'M A BIG CROQUETTE FAN! I ATE SO MANY IN JAPAN! Haha :D Had the Hokkaido Potato one ($2.80). It could be hotter, but NOT BADDDD~~ Mine had a chunky potato piece in it too.


After walking around some more... I found... more... croquettes...The Food Fest is on till tomorrow 12 July so CHECK IT OUT! SO MUCH FOOD TO TRY AND EAT!!! <3

Oops. Bought another one. This Big Crab one is SHIOKKKZZ ($5.50 though. lol) Had lots of crab meat in it. There's also the scallop version. Thanks Cha for helping me take all these food photos LOL.
Ok back to the show. Got back just in time to catch everyone highing on stage. Plus a big group selfie too! Also bumped into Joseph & Christy hey guys!!! :D

YouTube Shine Fest 2015! #buildyourworld

Over and out xx