Movie: Twenty

This is a Korean feel-good comedy flick!

Got to watch the trailers a couple of times while being in Hong Kong. Didn't hear or understand a word but the videos were convincingly funny enough for me to wanna catch it back in SG. Haha.

Basically three guys leave high school and are about to twenty. The movie captures their new lives, the new people they meet, their aspirations and dreams. What doesn't change? Their brotherhood friendship. Reliable as always.


I'll just introduce the boys first:

Left to right: Chi Ho the playboy who is rather aimless in life, Dong Woo the nice-guy uni kid who's in love, Kyung Jae who's family became bankrupt- can he still chase his dream of being a comic artist?

1.The bro-hood. I love how stupid they are with each other. I can completely relate to it cause that's what I do at home. It's like the ultimate comfortable-ness in your skin-ness you can feel. It must be so nice to be like that with not one, but two best friends. Thumbs up for friendship movies.

2.The reality of it all.

"Why fault the quitters? Do you know how hard it is to give up? " -Kyung Jae, after deciding to get a job at a company instead of chasing his comic drawing dreams in college. (He still pursues comics, but after work. But yeah. It's not so nice and dandy when people say 'chase your dreams'.)

It's like.. everyone's rooting for you, but what happens when you want to quit instead? People get pissed when they can't live vicariously through you anymore.

I'm guilty of this as well. Like when people give up their dreams for something society approves of. Can't help but feel a tug of disappointment, like, did they sell their souls? But hey, everyone has a right to do what they want. Having a traditional job is absolutely nothing to be shameful about.

Feelings will pass. Plus, they're just my feelings. The most important thing is: you never know what someone is going through, so don't ever try to force YOUR ideas on them. They made a decision based on their life, not yours. So just shut up and support them. You don't get to choose what your friends want to do with their lives.

"You think the world is all about winners like Kim Yuna?"
Also: Shit gets real when you decide to step into the working adult world.

"How do you want your hair cut?"

3.I really liked the character Chi-Ho.

 I felt that he was ironically the most real character out of it all. (They say you like a character when you can relate to him... what does this say about me huh? Lol. Don't mind.) Dong Woo and Kyung Jae's stories were fine but yeah. Aimless youth. We have something in common yeah.

Ok lah, also because he has Jiro feels. Cute what.

4.The 'white room'' Korean aesthetic. All the minimalist/chic but cosy places? Especially the club room. Love, love that. Such a classic in coffee music videos.

Also interesting was... what Korean directors think of beauty, seen by the casting they choose. Films and celebrities all really set the tone for all us commoners yeah?

5.Also liked all the drama. Feel like I'm watching an anime IRL (also known as a live action, ahha) But this movie was fun for me. Hahah. Would have loved some conflict between the boys but I guess this is only because girls need to watch drama unfurl. Haha.

I'll just leave you with the trailer then.

Ahh, youth.