Music Round-Up: Hitorie, Ven, Alessia Cara

Hey guyz whaddup.

Gonna share a couple of finds this week, really digging them! 

1. Hitorie

A Japanese band with a very interesting dancey sound. The singer wowaka used to be work with Vocaloids! Check out: Rula Rula & Talkie Dance.

I really dig the guitar here. 

2. Ven (벤)
A Korean artist I found through YouTube related videos! Love the R&B sound, like a very smooth, smexy, asian Chris Brown, but with more chill than dancey vibes. Oh wow they categorise him as 'HipHop/Rap'. Well they're a very smooth, chillout kind of hip hop then. Lol.

3. Alessia Cara
A 1996 girl with clear, spunky vocals. Loving her lyrics for her original, 'Here'. I can totally relate man. It's about how a girl is at a party and she's like, "I wanna go home man".

"Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this
An antisocial pessimist, but usually I don't mess with this
And I know you mean only the best and your
Intentions aren't to bother me, but honestly I'd rather be
Somewhere with my people, we can kick it and just listen to
Some music with a message, (like we usually do)
And we'll discuss our big dreams, how we plan, to take over the planet
So pardon my manners, I hope you'll understand that I'll be here (ooh) "

If you have cool finds just drop me a message or comment below! I love finding new music ;)