Movie: Southpaw

Caught this boxing flick featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT: Billy Hope (Jake G.) is a boxer who wins loads of titles, has a huge mansion and lives da life. His life goes downhill when his wife is shot dead by accident. Now competely consumed by anger and grief, he loses control, loses his license to box, loses his daughter, loses his money, his 'friends' and etc. Can he save what's truly important to him? He seeks out a new coach, learns new techniques, discipline, and gets back into the ring to fight for what's important.

How was it? The trailer projected something more dramatic. I kinda came to watch the train wreck happen, but it didn't really happen. This is what happens when trailers over-sell a movie, I guess (but yes, the trailer did its job). 

What's good: Good acting by the daughter, Leila.I hope you have a bright future in Hollywood.

Some humour here and there by coach Tick. Great acting also by lead actor Jake. Heard from Cass that he trained up and all and refused to have a body double. Read here for his hardcore training regimen!

Respect for his commitment to the trade. Also, yay to training sequences (my favourite things ever, esp in fiction, movies, manga and anime.) Like the one where he trains with the rope.

What's meh: The show would benefit from tighter editing and cuts. The cinema goers were very restless in this show- you could see/hear people shift around often- the movie was too draggy. I would argue that maybe we're too used to Marvel action paced movies, but this movie could have really done better in its flow. Very plodding pace which can get tedious. Other than that the story is pretty predictable and all which is fine and acceptable, it's a sports drama movie after all. 

ALSO HAHA JUST REALISED THE DRUGGIE IS RITA ORA no wonder she looked so familiar. 

Soundtrack: I heard Eninem and The Weeknd. Haha okay apparently Eninem had a big role to play in this movie. For the soundtrack at the least! Not too sure about everything else.

Verdict: Slow movie. Not the best boxing flick I've watched either, but the fighting/training scenes were good. The rest of it...ehhh? Mehhh? Nahh?
If you're here for like abs, er, you're watching the wrong show la. Go watch Magic Mike XXL or something haha. 
If you're here for gore, glory and guts, skip this too. No crazy euphoric winning sports scene either.
If you're looking for a feel good sports movie, SKIP this and go watch a team sport movie instead. Guranteed feels.

In all I wouldn't really recommend this, especially if you're an impatient person.