Chao Ta - Good choice for those dining in the East

Hey guys!

Recently I brought my folks out for dinner at a restaurant in Tanjong Katong. My family can be fussy about food so I am always apprehensive about bringing them to restaurants that I have not tried. 

It is interestingly named 'Chao Ta', which means burnt in Hokkien. My dad asked if the owner was Hokkien, and the lady explained that they were Hainanese but thought that Chao Ta was a good name because it also meant 'hello' (I guess like Ciao). 

A peek into the restaurant. Love the chic furnishings.

The menu.  Loving the flowers and little touches here and there!

Enter the appetisers!

Chicarron - Homemade pork crackling with spicy dip ($6)
This was excellent! Crispy pork crackling (pig skin) went so well with the spicy 'hell water' dip with chilli salsa and sour cream. Highly recommended.

Chao Ta Beef Cubes ($16)
Exceptionally tender and tasty! Mired in a black pepper sauce much like those used in teppanyaki restaurants. 

Close up
ChaoTa Fu 
Deep fried goodness. The Japanese fusion style shines through with a mentaiko, tobiko roe and bonito flake topping. Don't forget to slurp up the sauce.

Next up, the mains!

ChaoTa Pork Ribs ($28)
Though this was on the Burpple exclusion list, we could not miss the signature dish! Wonderful tender pork ribs. Didn't care much for the sauce and salad though.

Asari Clams Aglio Olio $(18)
This was our carb choice for the night. Perfect al dente spaghetti. Flavourful, though my mum says it's a tad too salty. My sister and I thought it was fine though.

Chao Ta Belly Good ($18)
 The star of the night. This was our favourite! Very tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork. Belly, belly good indeed.

Brownie with Ice Cream
You have just two choices for dessert - brownie or banana cake. (There are plenty of alcohol choices though!) Also, I am 90% sure that this vanilla pod ice cream came from The Ice Cream and Cookie Co! The brownie is small in portion but is really gooey and fudgey. For an extra dosage of sweetness, accompany it with the drizzled caramel sauce.

Overall: We enjoyed our meal here, but wait times can be a little long. Overall great food quality and ambience for the price. 9/10

Bookings available via Chope and Quandoo.

P.S. Chao Ta is on the same stretch as Punggol Nasi Lemak and opposite TKGS. 

Chao Ta
232 Tanjong Katong Rd
Singapore 437020