Baking Multi-grain Bread


Last year I baked white bread for the first time. This year we tried a new recipe, using multi-grain flour!

We stumbled upon this multigrain mix in Bake King. It's a mix of barley, wheatgerm, buckwheat and more. I somehow can never find whole wheat flour in the supermarkets so I'm glad to try this out! A little pricey at $7.80 but I only need to use a bit to mix with my plain flour each time so we went ahead and got it.

Bake King also has many appealing mixes on sale - think sponge cake mixes, bread, and even a mochi bread mix! I am loving the packaging and design.

We used the recipe printed at the back of the packet. We only need to stir the mixtures - no kneading?!?! We didn't have a dough hook so we (he) just manually stirred the mixture.

Rather fragrant! Using an old rice pot as my bowl as it is taller and works better as a mixing bowl.
This dough was rather sticky and we let it rest and rise twice. We also added some chopped walnuts, though you can add cranberries and various other nuts. I miss kneading though.

We halved the recipe and only made 6 buns to try. Homemade breads do not have stabilisers so their shelf lives are dramatically shortened and can grow mould very quickly.

Popped them into the oven and waited. We skipped the egg wash step (which I saw online) so the resulting buns looks rather pale.

I pinched the two left buns on the bottom like how a YouTuber demonstrated, and to my surprise, they turned out looking rounder and better than the rest!

We much preferred this texture to the previous bread we made. It is chewier and more delicious IMO, thanks to all the different types of grains. We are definitely going to have to improve on this recipe though - I suspect we may have used too much water. I also want to knead the bread a bit. The good news is that the mums and aunts seemed to like the bread!

Honestly we thought this batch would be a wreck so it's really nice that it turned out so pleasant! Needs improvement for sure but it's always nice to spend some time on the weekend unwinding and baking from scratch. We have aspirations to make chiffon cakes next! Wish us good luck.

May your breads and cakes rise to great heights,