February 2020

Hey guys! How ya doin.

February is usually sweet and festive, but the coronavirus really did add a sad sheen to everything you did and everywhere you went. Nonetheless we must still make the best of the situation! I hope there will be less cases and more recoveries though. Fingers crossed.

Feb Highlights

I joined the Huayi U-Sing 2020 Competition! It was my first time joining a Chinese singing competition, as well as my first time performing at the Esplanade. It was a memorable experience for sure! I have regrets about my performance because it was definitely not my best, but there were loads that I learned anyway from the judges, the other competitors, and the entire experience. I wish I took bigger risks, took care of my voice better, and got into the zone before I went up on stage. If I had the chance to do it again, I just want to give a performance that I would have no regrets about, regardless of whether I score well or not.

Still a big milestone in the music journey though, and I want to give big shout outs and hugs to all who supported me all this while - being there at the show, and through your kind and heartfelt messages too. Thank you 

Cooking and Baking

Baked Multi-grain Bread
Going to try this out with a few tweaks to the recipe in March! I can't wait! Meanwhile I have been watching a ton of croissant making videos. The effort involved is INSANE!

Tried to make a chicken roulade (a chicken breast, rolled) stuffed with cheese, carrots and vegetables. It was a huge failure! I had fun making a butterfly cut for the chicken fillet, but boy, was it hard to roll up the chicken well!


I finally got around to watching A Quiet Place! It doesn't rank high on the scare meter as compared to movies like The Ring. However, I still get a good scare even when I expect something to jump out. Scaredy cat me. I am really not cut out for watching horror movies. A Quiet Place II (out in March) would seem to be more like The Walking Dead series, which focuses more on people and how they are cruel or kind to each other in a lawless society.

I also caught Porco Rosso on Netflix. Happy to explore all the Ghibli movies, especially the older and lesser known ones. Porco Rosso is the story about a pig-man pilot and his adventures. I love the graphics and the female empowerment throughout the film!

I also watched To All The Boys 2, which I found adorable.


Read a bunch of cool books! Wrote some posts about Latte to Lathi, a biography of politician Chiam See Tong and a great book about Malay culture! 

Unfortunately the Korean anthology of sci-fi was a miss for me, what a disappointment.


This month I tried to work out more regularly. My SJ friends and I have a little competitive thing on Nike Run where we try to one up each other on the leaderboard. It makes running more interesting for sure! I have also started to do some squats with my runs because of good influences like my friend Wenxin.

Runs: 18
Swims: 1
Bike Rides: only 8

Bike rides are way fewer this month because my bike was broken. I have already sent it for repairs several times, even tried to do so myself sometimes, but this time I think it's time to replace it with a new one.

Looking Ahead

March is a busy month full of work and projects. I'm looking forward to it! Are you? :)

Wishing you guys health and happiness always. (Cheesy but completely sincere, in light of the virus!)


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