Netflix: To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Hey guys!

Awwww! I just watched the sequel to To All The Boys I Loved Before. Netflix definitely timed the release of the second movie just in time for Valentine's Day. The new movie comes with a quick recap of the first movie, which is very aww inducing. Well, as a sappy (teen) romance movie fan, I had to get on this!

Lara Jean's face really grows on you. She's so cute! I love that they casted her.

SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, leave now if you don't want to see any.

What's Happening in the new movie: Lara Jean finds that having a relationship is not as easy as it seems... it may seem like a fairy tale at the start, but how do you navigate unexpected arrivals (like your old crush) and insecurities that can't help surfacing?

Overall this movie is less hefty than the previous, but has enough drama to create interest and keep the movie going. It also retains its beautiful aesthetic, made even more charming if that was possible.

Some screen caps for you:

Her earnestness here is soooo endearing.

The film takes these happy excited puppy feelings of LJ and juxtaposes it with Peter, who exudes a calm demeanor cuz... he's a 过来人 with a previous relationship.

The mismatch of life stages can truly kill a relationship though, if not handled well.

When every special, momentous 'first' that you experience, it's actually his second, or third, it definitely kills some vibes. Nothing seems to be exclusively 'ours' anymore. He's always in the 'been there, done that' stage - maybe he doesn't think some things are special anymore, like your first year together, or your first Valentine's celebration. But it may mean the world to the person who is in their first relationship.

AND THEN, you start to wonder if he would ever love you more than he loved her. If he did the same things together with her, or for her. The comparison is hard to avoid especially when you still see her around or if the previous relationship was a high profile one that everyone knew about.

It's devastating actually. And made a thousand times worse when the his ex is someone you think he's still in love with/prettier/better than you/someone you used to be close with.

You gotta be super strong mentally and not overthink. It's super intense. The movie could afford to play it up more, I feel. But I guess they wanted to keep it light.

I think that the only way out for such a situation is to trust your partner. He can't restart his life or wipe away his history. It was his life, and all you can do is to accept it, and make new decisions and memories together.


I loved the little snippets of Korean culture in the movie.

They look great in a hanbok! Sometimes traditions and rituals really help make an occasion special, and keeps a culture that is otherwise forgotten in the daily grind, alive.

Young Lara Jean as a 'French Toast' for Halloween. Insanely adorable. 

I laughed when I heard Blackpink singing 'Kill This Love'. In hindsight this was a great song as foreshadowing. Haha.


I also appreciated this sequence of Lara Jean baking. Very much in touch with YouTube cooking videos HAHA! Very satisfying and cute.


Here are more aesthetics....of a modern fairytale romance.

'Tangled' feels everybody.

Hello? Attic vibes, cute boy and a piano. How cute and wholesome.

Don't forget to go to a carnival! Classic date!


Lastly, my favourite emotional scenes.

Peter being a uncertain, vulnerable lil puppy-eyed boy.

This scene got me tearing. Lol. I think it's because Lara Jean looked so wrecked.


This movie makes you want to paint your room pink, lie in your bed, write in a journal, draw hearts and bake things for your crush. Yup. A very cute, fluffy movie, with messages that remind but don't preach.

Would probably love it more if the fights were more resolved and developed. Mostly the main couple just mope, hug and make up. We usually see a lot of how Lara Jean arrives at her conclusion (through a lot of self-reflection and thinking), but I don't know, I can't be the only one who wants more evidence of Peter being a better boyfriend rather than just Gen saying 'he's crazy about you'. SHOW US THE EFFORT, PETER! 

I felt that Peter was very muted during this movie. He didn't really fight for his girl!!!! How could he remove the necklace?! How come you didn't chase your girl?! Heartbreaking.

Maybe the movie was portraying the 'comfortable coasting' feels that people do when they are in a relationship. They stop putting in as much effort as before because they think they sealed the deal. Meanwhile, the girlfriends are so emotionally unstable, when the guys are all settled down. I definitely know a few friends in this situation!

That said Lara Jean is definitely also in the wrong... all that business with John Ambrose is no good for a relationship on shaky legs. The movie looks all set for a third installment!


Okay, goodbye for now! You guys have a good Valentine's Day, whether you're single, attached, or confused. You are loved! :)