Let's go get it

Hey guys!

Just a little update here.

I'm glad to say that I have finished recording another original, called 'Earlier'!

HOWEVER, this time I wanted to challenge myself further, and therefore I will be embarking on an ambitious animation project to accompany the song release.

I was actually going to be really lazy and just release a simple album cover style kind of static video on YouTube, despite already having developed the initial sketches of characters and story lines for the video. Then I chanced upon this video, which I found really useful.

Basically the video tells you to just DO. Just create. (In other words, SHIP! DELIVER! JUST DO IT!)

"Thinking is a form of procrastination though it may seem very productive." E.g. You may think that you are carefully biding your time, thinking of the best solution or thinking up the best plans. However you're honestly just procrastinating. Get to work.

If you're like me and have multiple passions and ideas, then "All you're doing is laying a single brick brick of a million different houses and expecting that one day it'll magically become a mansion. It's not gonna happen." Focus and pour in efforts into one venture for the fastest evidence of improvement.

Well, I want to make things happen! I'm done with the song, so I need to figure out how to improve my videos.

I decided to make a more detailed storyboard today (which I have since completed), and tomorrow I will get started on some of the illustrations. Of course, my drawing skills are not up to par, but they will have to do for now. I'm hoping that the skills will get honed along the way.

I'm prepared to fail spectacularly, and that's the beauty of it - it frees you of the fear and allows you to just create whatever you want to. Great feeling of liberation.

I hope that you guys will work hard on your own goals! Don't lose heart if you're not as disciplined as you wished you were. Everyone starts somewhere, the important thing is to simply begin.

Lots of love,

P.S. Anyway, side note but I've recently been hooked on this song, Tears by Narelle! Been looping it as I work.